Dua Lipa - "Houdini" + 3rd Album

Songs that absolutely refused to leave the BB HOT 100 top 10 and airplay charts for months

This is basically every song that makes the top 10 at this point. The turnover for hits in the US now is so insanely slow it's horrifying. And while longevity is nice, that also means other singles are cannibalized. It's great Don't Start Now became a major, long lasting hit but it also meant nothing happened with Physical in the US which is one of her best singles.

It's good to have a song that sticks around a long time. It's not ok for songs to be in the top 10 for 9 months.
Trigger warning: AI cover, if you don't like them keep scrolling love

Now hear me out. Why does this song sonically and thematically fit Matilda so well? She nibbled, don't lie now!


I... didn't want to say anything amidst the Dancing Discourse when the video came out, but when people were asking "Who else could do this?"... well.
Love this forum willing this song to be better than what it is.

It’s cute, will be another nice smash for her but not quite the career defining hit others are trying to make out. Personally I think she could have gone a bit harder on all areas to pull herself out of the Future Nostalgia era and into the next.
This is the most interesting ride this thread/board has been in a while, honestly. Dua has caused conversation ranging from “Song’s not that good!” to “ugh jack harlow” to “Tate Mcrae stealing her thunder?” to “But Girls Aloud!!!!” to “What if Miley Cyrus—“ to “Jess Glyne”.

Shes keeping the lights on at PopJustice. The new Gaga confirmed!

Yeah, to me the song feels much weaker than any of her future nostalgia singles. I absolutely love the mood of the instrumental (especially towards the outro) but the song kinda feels a bit faceless.
Once I’m halfway through, I’d rather play “Cool” nn; this either needed more fleshed out lyrics or the variation in production should have kicked in sooner.
Inshallah in an ideal world the song will linger around the top 5/ top 10 in the UK chart, never quite leaving the top 10 entirely over the next few weeks. It’ll let all the Xmas songs pass by and stand its ground that by the first or second week of Jan it rockets up to number 1 where it belongs.
"Sweet Melody" <3