Dua Lipa - "Houdini" + 3rd Album

Her output last year was not it to be honest. Not that it was meant to be as she was in between eras, but still, both collabs had no replay value.
However, when her collabs smash, they fucking smash.
We have but that won't happen with Dua. She's A-list. She has multiple recurrent streaming ubersmashes. She payed hundreds of sold out arena shows. She's constantly doing stuff in fashion and getting heavy online coverage. People speculate about her relationships, she has a podcast, she never disappeared for more than two or three months.

And three years after Future Nostalgia, still no big pop girl has successfully set a new blueprint for how pop sounds today, and the disco wave Dua rode so well continues to be popular (while mutating). In the same way Ariana became the face and voice of pop that incorporated trap and dominated the Hot 100, Dua is the face and voice of dance-pop with disco origins.

And the charts are becoming considerably more female. There's so much appetite for her kind of pop right now. The GP is not about to forget her. Super glad we get new music anyway obv. But she doesn't need to be doing this. Seems like a for-fun venture.

All of the above. She’s cleverly extending her brand and celebrity status in ways that’ll only help her going into the next era.

The face of Versace and YSL, running a highly successful podcast + book club with appearances scheduled at literature festivals. Plus a cute cameo & song for one the summer’s most anticipated movies. There’s no denying Dua is incredibly savvy. Sure a few things flop (We’re Good can stay at the bottom of the ocean). But all in all, she seems to be going in the right direction.

Plus, the Future Nostalgia era only wrapped up in December 2022. And nobody else has sustained a three year era in a very long time.

And let’s not forget, when her collabs smash, they fucking smash. Cold Heart was one of the biggest songs of 2022.
Dua certainly isn't above a flop, but I agree her profile is now large enough that her career can easily withstand a few underperformers here and there. So long as the actual lead single for her next era smashes - which does seem undeniable right now - she's perfectly safe. The chart performance of a high-profile soundtrack single won't really matter in the long run; the amount of buzz/promo she's getting for just being part of the Barbie campaign is a massive success in itself.
Everyone talking about this flopping… watch this be a smash that siphons hype from the eventual lead single.
On the one hand, we gotta discredit our predictions here where PJ will predict a smash and it'll flop into oblivioun. Or we predict a bomp and smash smash smash.

But on the other hand... We seem to love it already! And you know what happens when something becomes a PJ favourite...

Inch resting.