Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I wonder who will be involved in this project.

I'm hoping for more Ian Kirkpatrick, Jason Evigan, KOZ and SG Lewis with Emily Warren, MNEK and Sarah Hudson co-writing.

I'd also love for her to work with Horse Meat Disco and Mark Ronson on original material.

I low key want to see the meltdowns when Jack is revealed to be producing this.
As someone above mentioned, it’s crazy how many hits she has from just two albums.

Makes me wonder if she’ll follow the same format again for the next tour; where only the biggest hits from previous albums are on the set list and the rest is dominated by new album songs.

I can’t see there being many album cuts, if any, from the debut or Future Nostalgia.

I imagine only the songs below are certain to be included:

Be The One
New Rules
One Kiss
Don’t Start Now
Cold Heart
I wonder how far along this album is. She’s been in and out of studios for awhile now but it also sounds like a coherent direction is only starting to take shape now, if at all.

Didn’t she sit on Future Nostalgia for a long time while campaign plans were figured out? So I think it may be awhile before we hear anything new from this one, I fear.
Yeah I think we’re maybe looking at a Future Nostalgia rollout at best - a lead late into 2023, with the album the following year.

She’s supposedly had nowhere near the amount of sessions she had for Future Nostalgia and she’s super busy lately with the tour and other stuff. I trust her judgement though, so the wait will be worth it.