Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Hmmmm. Video is alright. It's sort of trying to give big pop video with the choreo and she's serving but... there's not a lot else happening. The constant fade-in-fade-out to cut through crowd shots could have been replaced to just straight-cuts and it would have been more chaotic/interesting.

Edit: It does work as a vehicle for her charism/star power, and coming from the flood of memes and jokes she had to endure before Future Nostalgia... she got the last laugh.

Song is fucking stellar duhhhhh.
Song of the decade I fear

Is it just infinitely cheaper to produce merch pieces that have tiny square photos and not much else going on? The only recent merch launch that I've been impressed with is some of Madonna's Celebration stuff.
I cannot wait for the album and to see her on tour again, that's all I have to say right now about this. Already said the song is brilliant, stellar and everything nice and it bears repeating.
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FINALLY get having my first listen and I am so throughly gagged. The synths, the bongos, the drumrolls, the fuzzy guitar… Dua makes it look easy.