Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism




Guys. It's not about that chart position. I know we all want her to be #1, but there's just unfortunate circumstances such as most of the general straight population having terrible taste. Then of course the Christmas songs pouring in. This does not make Houdini a flop, it just cements her as an incredibly song player in an ocean of shite, basically. Does that make sense?
The most important aspect of her dancing is that even though she may not be a natural dancer skill-wise, she doesn’t appear awkward or rhythmless. There are plenty of pop stars who have tried to incorporate choreography who just look off while doing so (Katy and Taylor come to mind).

Dua has gotten to the place where she can do a one-two step and not look completely out of place, and that’s a big asset to her growth and overall stage presence.