Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Everything I love about Houdini I picked up during my first dozen or so plays. There hasn't been much to discover beyond that, so I can't call it a 12/10. But it's irresistibly chic and brilliant in its own way.
I love Houdini and it made me very excited for what's next. Especially since she described Houdini as a bridge between the two albums. But I have to admit that when I now hear Cool, Pretty Please, Don't Start Now etc Houdini doesn't really make me feel the same... yet. Maybe that's because I overplayed Houdini, maybe it's because of the memories I have of the Future Nostalgia album. Who knows. We'll see.
I think the label expects this to have major legs. So far that hasn't materialized, but Dua has found ways of elongating an era for a song in the past so we will see. Bad timing though as the entire industry gets taken over by Christmas music soon.


Useless fact.

There's major elections in the Netherlands tomorrow and the main broadcaster (like, the Dutch BBC One) had their final pre-election debates tonight. I swear to God there's a gay intern there somewhere because during some of the cutaway videos they played the Houdini instrumental (and later One Of Your Girls).

We have decided to collectively stan.