Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I think I like the verses way more than the chorus? I’m just not sure the whole ‘Training Season’ hook is working for me.

Also somewhat feels like a sequel to Break My Heart?
The Break My Heart comparison has been in my head since the first teaser. Which is not a bad thing as Break My Heart is excellent.

That said, I prefer Houdini to this. But Houdini is one of my favourite Dua songs already so that's not a massive critique.
The song is phenomenal, everything I hoped it would be. She does not miss.

The video is not. It’s so static against the song which feels like it’s going full throttle throughout. A great concept, but yes, feels like a lot was left on the cutting room floor.
Can you compete?
Now is your time
Run when you hear that whistle blow
Are you on my team?
Or stuck on the sidelines
Waiting for someone to tell you to go...

For someone to tell you to go

I’m a bit surprised at the reaction to the video. I thought it was great. It fits with the theme of the song and builds throughout. Plus Dua looks absolutely captivating in it. A star.
She gave THAT performance at the Grammy's, she's literally hanging from a bar on the single artwork and delivers a video sitting at a coffee shop for 3 minutes straight, make it make sense
Love Training Season, catchy but prefer Houdini. Either way both amazing pop songs.

The Training Season video is bland, I was waiting for something to happen and nothing really does. It was very Kylie - I Was Gonna Cancel except at a cafe.

Get those pre order links, I will be buying!
I'm a bit...whelmed on first listen, hopefully it grows on me in a few days.
Although I was the same with Houdini which I now consider a 10.