Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I love the songwriting on this, it's super hooky. The production is strong too but I do think it's missing some punchier bass under the chorus. Listening on standard earphones the chorus production feels too light under her vocal I think, it needs beefing up. That said it took me like 3 months to become fully obsessed with Houdini so let's see.
What an absolute adrenaline filled banger
The way discussion of Dua’s peers during that first era would’ve invoked names like Rita Ora and Jess Glynne and not even two full eras later posters are out here placing her next to Bey.

Poster* - it was only one person comparing them.
Song's amazing, but what is that video?

NOBODY can pull that off and keep it engaging for 3 minutes. It's as if the concept was "Padam Padam only had the diner scene, but make it static"

Can we get an extended version of the Grammy performance instead please?
On second watch, the video isn’t terrible. It is stylishly shot and does build a palpable sense of tension. But having the idea of all the men getting increasingly chaotic and violent from the scrapped treatment definitely affected expectations for the worse.

Not using this as an opportunity to kick off the discourse around Dua’s perception in the US and her viability for certain performance opportunities, but she’s undeniably curating an exceptional set of viable pop smashes. And with only three albums? That’s upper-tier levels of BPG achievement right there.