Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Oh I simply adore this as it’s such a mood.
I even find the video totally serviceable as it fits the jaded nature of it all.
A cute gym setup with choreo is fun for a live performance but would have been cringey and not fitting with the mood of the song at all for a music video.
Okay this grew on me. But "training season" reminds me of football and it just seems like such a random thing to allude to. I'm not sporty gay enough to care for all that. The rest of the song is catchy though. And I like the extended version of this more than Houdini's extended version.
The acapella is insane. I believe at this point she's maybe one of the most accomplished, talented pop vocalists going. The sound under her main vocal in the chorus not actually being a synth but instead her reverbed sighs sent me to the fucking moon. A song hasn't gripped me like this in ages.
You can really tell she took her time and perfected every little detail in these songs. The acapella just proves what a smart and capable vocalist she is.
The quality of the album (if we ever get one lol) is going to be insane.