Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I'll know if this is a hit if I see those terrible TikTok DJs making mashups of Training Season and Gypsy Woman or Music Sound Better With You, the only two songs they know
Some of you on this thread are acting like she is releasing her very own "Impossible Princess" (there are some parallels actually namely the "weird" video(s) and the association with "indie" artists) and honestly when it comes to music quality we really should be that lucky (pun very much intended) and I believe we will be.
I really have a feeling the album is going to be her most experimental stuff so far. It will be the same sound as the singles but used in another ways. She is obviously doing the music she wants and she is not a chart chaser. I'm not saying she or her label don't care about hits but I'm feeling a certain freedom in what she is doing, even with the videos. I'm sure the negativity here will dissapear when the album is out.