Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I mean, did anyone truly expect a sonic departure for a movie soundtrack via Atlantic? Be for real.

But yeah - it’s cute, it’s radio friendly, it’s instantly recognizable thanks to the Barbie trailers, and it’ll do decently I’m sure. It’s just a shame it’s a bit underwhelming.

Let me bop as I await DL3.
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Speaking as a casual Dua fan, there's not really anything new here for me? I'd probably be more inclined to lean back to future nostalgia singles than visit this often but it is super fun and bound to do well. Does what it needs to for a movie soundtrack, video looks good and...She. Is. Stunning.

More interested in where the new album will go tbh.
It's a nice sendoff to the era. It doesn't contain the strongest hook but I love the atypical chord progression and the melancholic flair, a bit akin to Love Again with those orchestral production flourishes, the chorus is giving. It could act as a solid pre-encore set closer in that sense. Also surprised we hadn't ever heard it before considering the amount of Future Nostalgia leaks we've had in the past three years.