Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

This is perfect. The references to Kylie (both Slow, All the Lovers and a bit of Aprodite Les Folies) that go beyond the location but the way some shots are framed. The song and the crazy keyboard solo. How her voice sounds like DL1 on the bridge. The fact that she is literally a supermodel. This is massive.
It's giving song of the summer



Yes yes Kylie references etc etc

But I also get 'Turn Back Time', from the dancers on the springboard (which in turn looks like a ships mast to my eyes) then her straddling the board like the cannon.

Maybe it's just past my bedtime...
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After what felt like a fairly meatless first two singles, this is the 00d dance magic I’ve been desperate to hear from her! Absolute smash.