Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

She should’ve let Kevin Parker lose more on this one, like he did on the Houdini bridge or the Training Season post-chorus.

This one feels so indebted to the chrome-plated sleekness of the last album; I won’t blink if it ends up being the biggest hit of the era yet.
Every song we've heard from this project is increasingly dull levels of underwhelming. I don't get it.
I agree for the most part but I do think diminishing returns were inevitable from the moment she decided to do more dance music in the approximate vein of FN. That record before the last two tracks is so pitch perfect that the new material was not going to compare. I think she should have taken the True Blue third album route. Level up genre diversity, singing, and lyrics.

And who knows? Maybe the full album does this.
Criticising Dua’s lyrics is like listening to a Lana album and asking “where are the bops?”. Surely we listen to different artists for different reasons!

Also I think Dua’s lyrics are generally decent/proficient!
Don’t really agree with this take. Dance music lyricism is not immune to criticism. A song is a whole package and any aspect is fair game. And yes, I think her lyricism is decent from a compositional standpoint. It flows but it’s just so damn obvious.
I actually really like this one, might be my fave so far out of the three and the video is great too.

I see Kylie mentioned a lot but my mind immediately went to Britney during the pool scenes:

So you heard the full album? Mind to spill more details?

If the three singles are any indication (and you’d think they would be, wouldn’t you?) then it is shaping up to be a solid, shiny follow up. I’m sure I’ll rinse it. But this purported sonic departure and new influences really don’t feel like they’re coming through in any major way. Yes, I can hear bits and pieces here and there but I really expected them to have had a bit more stage time by now? It’s all giving me burning baby blue teaser teas at the moment.
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This is a step up from Training Season. Wasn't 100% sold on first listen but it grows very quickly. I really hope it does well for her.