Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

B-side, lazy, generic, Katy Perry?! Can’t think of anything more offensive
B-sides are not automatically bad songs though. And I also don’t see why someone can’t think it’s generic. Katy Perry was brought in to make a point about how this album might position itself next to Future Nostalgia. Nobody said this sounds like Katy Perry because it very much doesn’t.
Love the production on this song. It's obviously a very straightforward Dua-by-the-numbers track, but the gorgeous production really elevates it. That music video is something else. Beautifully filmed and edited. Every other frame feels GIFable. I'm kind of shocked at how Kylie-coded it is. My one tiny nit is that the non-water (and, I supposed, non cake-stand) choreography feels very dance aerobics class routine. Kind of disappointing after the excellent choreography (and Dua's insane improvement as a dancer) at the Grammys and Brits.
There are so many fucking idiots in this thread.
The video is stunning. My only issue with it is the choreoraphy... ever since the backlash sis seems to think she needs to prove herself all the time. It's fine if you're not the best dancer, just work with people who know how to highlight your strenghts.. also not every choreography needs to be so out there. Something like what she did in Levitating looks so much better than this and Houdini for exemple. Obviously they're very different songs but still. Kylie's Get Outta My Way and even Slow are perfect examples of someone who's not doing too much but still end up looking impressive.
This sounds like it was about to pop off ate but it doesn't. An album track for sure. I'm still a Houdini girl.
Oh… the instrumental very much EATS. Those ominous chords during the chorus… sublime. I just wish the full package with the vocals went off the rails more and got a little weirder.

The Houdini bridge is the one moment so far that has completely fulfilled that ultimate Kevin Parker X main pop girl fantasy and feels like a totally new space for her to inhabit. Hopeful the album’s deep cuts go there as well.
Why in the world is this thread getting aggressive? The fuck?
I think it’s okay to critique, but you must realize a lot of fans will not be receptive to such immediate and decisive criticism. Perhaps we can all take a moment to digest the song first?

Please don’t take my reply as aimed solely at you. It seems this project has been particularly divisive, which is okay!