Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I loveee this! She's been killing it this era. I get the impression that the gear shift away from disco vibes is a bit rough for people trying to situate themselves. She as a performer, artist and pop star is at her best game in her career. I always felt like the first two albums were more rough around the edges and less honed in. She knows exactly what she wants with this sound/era (regardless if it's landing universally.) I say keep serving it Dua!
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I love this and think all the singles have been great-to-incredible. She's proving herself to be a consistent quality-control queen just like Carly, Tove..etc. And I think, to some extent, just like Carly after Emotion, that the lukewarm reactions are a symptom of the high bar that's been set rather than the actual quality of the music. Future Nostalgia is one of the best albums in the last decade. The kind of album artists are lucky to have once in a career, and those that have it twice, thrice.. well those are the Madonna's, Beyonce's..etc All I'm saying is that these songs are fantastic pop and I think their quality will shine even brighter in time, once removed from the shadow of sky high expectations set by Future Nostalgia.
Very much agree with what some users mentioned about the high expectations coming from Dua herself overselling the sound departure; I totally see it for Houdini and Training Season, but Illusion feels like a retread unfortunately.

Cannot wait for the other album tracks, cause I feel its where we're going to really witness the vision she has been selling in interviews.
This is great and feels like a return to form after the miss of Training Season. I agree that this is extremely European, interested to see if it catches on in the U.S.or not.
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This image appears in my brain every time she says ooh