Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Ava getting strays. See when you're too relevant...



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I wasn’t really expecting a sonic switch up I was just expecting the songs to be good with replay value, something Future Nostalgia had in spades.
Ava Max's brand is more slack jawed nostalgia and less future. She hasn't released "Illusion" because she's too busy sampling the slightly warm corpses of massive hits we haven't forgotten in the most uninteresting of ways. She could never serve the Aperol Spritz for a summer night on the tiles like miss pips. She's more of a 7up waiting for the bus

I feel reception would be a overall more radically optimistic if the extended mixes were debuted first and the shorter ones were used later in the videos as radio edits. While the core of the tracks remain the same, I think that adds something more to their presentation that could have added a little more separation to Future Nostalgia.