Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Since I'm a fan of Kevin Parker's work I was "afraid" that I was gonna feel tempted to listen to Dua's songs more than once...but I'm not, glad to see that even the third one is flopping, it's what she deserves.
Why is my post deleted? People can't have a different opinion on music here anymore :(
Yeah, I agree it's sad when someone like Camilla or Meghan outdo you...
If you really must embarrass yourself (again) over Camila of all people, then let’s educate you with some stats, shall we?

Dua is currently the 7th most streamed artist in the world on Spotify - Camila hasn’t even cracked the top 50.

Both of Dua’s albums are in the top 10 most-streamed albums ever on Spotify - with more than 24 billion streams combined. Camila doesn’t chart.

The Future Nostalgia Tour sold out 29 arena dates across the US - Camilla’s most recent US tour in 2018 played amphitheatres.

In her trophy cabinet, Dua boasts 3 Grammys and 7 Brits - neither of which Camila is an owner.

And yes, Camila has scored a couple of #1 singles in the US - before you drag out that victory. Unfortunately, her most recent solo endeavours haven’t achieved quite the same success.

I could continue, purely because I really enjoy listing Dua’s many successes, but I think I’ve made my point.

Anyway, as you mentioned Meghan again - stream Sweetest Pie - which features the incredibly talented Megan Thee Stallion and should be a welcome palette cleanser after subjecting yourself to Cabelo’s Charli knock off or whatever doo wop rehash Trainor is releasing these days.

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Why is my post deleted? People can't have a different opinion on music here anymore :(
Yeah, I agree it's sad when someone like Camilla or Meghan outdo you...

Now this is just trolling, because what you're saying is not factual.

I can't believe I'm even putting effort into replying to posts like this, I'll stop doing so from now on.
Anyway. Her long interview with Zach Sang has some interesting tidbits about the album. He described it as “starting rough but then it gets beautiful at the end;” the last song features bird sounds; and she kinda implied that she thinks of the album as red / blue ala radical / optimism. Let me not get ahead of myself before we get the album but perhaps the Duality truthers and @mindtrappa will win in the end.
Obvious trolling troll is obviously trolling.
Ddd I think @Gintoki hates her cause of Serbia vs Albania stuff based on past posts, which fair given the Greater Albania stuff, but posts listing every Albanian pop star, celebrating that they're flopping, and then saying it's now Dua's turn is giving the same kind of nationalism dddd. Let alone odd to hate Dua for her nationalism yet not see why Camila would be a divisive figure for the same reasons.

However, I do respect her for doing it, because maybe she wants to put music first, lower the tensions a bit, and put politics aside in comparison to that fascist Dula Peep.
After Ava, Bebe and Rita...it's finally her turn to flop.
I'm aware it can't be called a flop yet, but I'm glad to see that she isn't doing as good as expected...you are on the right path Dula.
To get back on track, I have to say, Illusion could well be my favourite of the three tracks so far.
Hasn't gotten old for me despite hammering it since it released.

I haven't listened to all 3 in a row, will wait for the album but it's shaping up to be pretty fantastic.
Illusion is my least favorite one but I’m “afraid" that I feel tempted to listen to Dua's songs not only one time