Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Illusion is already my most played song of the year and honestly the music video is one of her very best. It’s not a radical a departure from her past work, sonically speaking, but it’s continuing her streak of slaying, serving and swirling on some of the best pop music out.

I will stream it once, twice, a hundred times. Thank you Dula.

Dua's vocals definitely always elevate the songs for me....Illusion especially could've been super forgettable in Ava/Becky/Mabel's etc hands, she has that extra edge that just sells them as superbops.
She has a very unique tone for pop music which I love. Nobody else sounds like her. I do wish she would push her vocals a bit further though.
Was able to hear a bit of the record recently and have a few initial thoughts to spread some ~optimism~ to kick off the week. To start, what I heard sounds good! Some of it great even. If you've enjoyed the singles, you'll most likely enjoy the record as a whole. If you've felt a bit 'meh' thus far, well...it may not be for you.

I think some of her pre-release descriptions have been a bit misleading/set herself up for some of the criticisms that have been shared in this thread. Did I get "leaning towards psychedelic-pop influenced by UK rave culture" from what I heard? No. Is it straight-up Future Nostalgia vibes? Also no! It's, simply put, an upbeat pop album dd. In my mind, she's the 2020s Rihanna - the bops are bopping, the albums have enough to them that create their own individual sound, but at the end of the day, she's here to be a hitmaker.

I know Training Season was widely well-received here, but I don't think it should've been one of the pre-album singles. There's punchier material here that, while still may not be as instant as Don't Start Now or Levitating, has a bit more kick to them that I think could've fared better commercially, especially here in the US.

Prefacing that while I've not heard the entire record, there were a lot of interesting production flourishes that dominate the choruses of these tracks. Really fun synths that add nice dimension to otherwise straightforward pop tracks. I don't think the goal was to re-invent the wheel by any means, and having come off such a huge era, it must have been challenging to create a soundscape that diverges enough from her core sound to differentiate itself, but also keeps her GP-friendly and accessible. Did she succeed? Jury is a bit out based on first impressions.

Very much looking forward to hearing the full thing, but already claiming Whatcha Doing as a forum favorite.
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Me: Can't wait to watch the Glastonbury performance in the flesh, I'm going to go in blind...I don't want to know the setlist, what the staging or backing videos look like. Surprise me!

Also me: *Immediately watches Barcelona private concert*

Not so private if they're about to be filmed n n n???