Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

This is really well made.

Works so much better as a whole album. I think the single release route didn‘t do this big favours.

It‘s obvious she‘s put her whole heart into this and it pays off.

Her voice is so good throughout.
There‘s a diversity from song to song, but the vibe is also coherent? The whole thing is so self-assured and mature.

This is going to be played a lot.
I can't wait to actually get this on Apple Music... I refuse to put them on my phone less than 6 hours before it's out in LA.
Just finished my first listen and I can confidently say that AOTY has arrived. Incredible project, beginning to end. Dua just gets it, I honestly don't think there's any other artist in pop as exciting as her right now.

I can't really pick any favourites yet, but End Of An Era and Falling Forever were the immediate standout tracks to me. I know I'm gonna have hours and hours of fun with this album.