Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

The album is a home to Houdini (which is the best pop song of last year at least to me) and very strong tracks like Training Season yet it is definitely not the album of the year I was hoping it to be. And this is fine.
The album is great. Most people decided they were going to hate this even before Houdini came out, let's be honest.
As if Dua isn't one of the most celebrated popstars here. I have no idea why you're so interested in painting Dua as some kind of victim.

Anyway, Maria is pretty fantastic. The production really hits.
I do think there's merit in saying that Future Nostalgia set an expectation of Dua around here for this album that would be impossible for anyone to live up to, and that's been evident ever since Dance The Night dropped and some of the thread acted like her career was on life support because they personally didn't like it
There were a few lovely days of sun and warmth here, but now it's raining.
Yet I'm listening to radical optimism and the sun has returned in my speakers and my home. Fuck yes.

Bring me to another holiday destination with your smooth voice Dua. Loves it!
I can't at some of you claiming Training Season was a bad single choice. All 3 of the singles are the most commercially viable songs on this album.

The album is aggressively okay. These Walls is the best choice for 4th single and then we'll probably get a deluxe. And thats great! How many artists in 2024 can say they had 4 singles from the main album?

I think everything is pleasant. I like Whatcha Doin and French Exit, they're nice. I think this is a curious album to release right now. I wonder how soon the tour is and what will happen before it to help move tickets.