Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

The album is cute. It's not the heavy-weight genre pushing pop extravaganza I was hoping for, but it's a nice little lightweight record you can put on in the background. It would be nice if there was a bit more obvious artist development - especially given she only releases a new album every half decade - but the whole thing is still pretty boppable.

I think the mix of 4 years passing since FN, the 7 month rollout period and the sale pitch of this having psychedelic rock influences that never materialized kind of built unrealistic expectations up in a lot of our minds. I can see why pop stars nowadays don't speak about their upcoming albums or even release singles from them until they drop (Taylor and Billie for example). Hype didn't really help this album's campaign at all.

Also, I would have picked different singles (aside from Houdini).
I've played it through twice and These Walls and Falling Forever? Oh she's taking it. Her (and my) poor vocal chords re: the latter banger.

Recording 70+ songs and picking Anything for Love as one of the 11 to release?

Not my original deluxe vinyl order email saying "signed insert included" and then changing to "signed art card" when it shipped. I was looking forward to framing a large signed print! Oh well!
I'm hoping the NYC announcement is going to be something like what Shakira did recently, only longer. If it's live streamed on YouTube then we can all enjoy it.

I'm bopping to some of, it but the lack of lyrics is a recurring theme I can't get past. Simply repeating a song title over and over, does not a chorus doth make.

Kinda frustrating and disappointing given how much time she's had to complete this album and the talent involved.

Definitely more of a tame affair, than Tame Impala.
What song are you even talking about here?
Houdini is absolutely the best thing here, and holds the promise of a more interesting album than I believe we got.

I was ready for something grungier, darker, after Houdini. That being said, it’s a really enjoyable album and I think she’s achieved what she set out to do extremely successfully. A welcome and worthy addition to her discography. Perhaps not what I was seeking, but I’m sure it’ll keep me entertained. I just haven’t had the same immediate emotional response to the songs that I have with some other releases this year (Deeper Well, Eternal Sunshine, Cowboy Carter).

The subtle shade towards Cowboy Carter in some of these posts isn’t cute. We have both to enjoy.