Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

Same. I can't stop playing it and failing miserably to sing along (on pitch dd).

I realise this is very quick to judge, but I feel like this is Top 5 Dua material for me. I'm obsessed. So instant as well! Didn't even need a minute to grow on me.
It’s the only track in the set that had me immediately pressing repeat. And her vocals sound ragged in the best way.

More of that, Dua.
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I need some of you to be so fucking serious. They're little pop songs about breaking up and dancing. If you can empathize with a Beyoncé song about motherhood or an Ariana song about her dead boyfriend or Taylor's unhinged manifestos, you can mentally escape to a fucking Dua Lipa song
My brain is not working well because my school is feeding teachers like crazy during Teacher Appreciation Week, but I don't understand what you're getting at here.
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If Miley taught us anything with her album, it's that you don't need to leave your house to have your own live, laugh, love journey; just a bikini and vibes

I wish I didn't cringe so much at Happy For You's lyrics because it sounds very good and I think it raises an intriguing topic to explore. I don't think it's a relationship song angle that's explored all that much and that's cool. But I think it would be more interesting if it explained how she got to that place of radical acceptance and if it was delivered with more groundedness. Lyrics like "I think she's a model" and "Baby, together you look at as hell" just feel very forced to me. Maybe that is how she truly thinks about it, but IDK. It could be a me problem, but it might also be her lack of subtlety raring its head in the wrong place.
I'm curious if the plan was always to have Illusion as the 3rd single or if they had hoped to save that as the post- album single. Houdini, Training Season, and Illusion are so high energy and the album is so... not. I wonder if the initial plan was Houdini and Training Season would be big obvious hits, then the 3rd single could be the breezy, laid back intro into the general vibe of the whole record. Instead the first 2 singles were lukewarm and so they panicked and put out Illusion and sort of shot their wad on all the bangers. So then fans are left with an album that feels largely removed from the singles.

I do like the run from Houdini to French Exit. Those are all really nice, enjoyable songs. But to my great surprise the album artwork does reflect the album in the end, and this is a pretty laid back affair.
I mentioned it jokingly but this album is so Scream If You Wanna Go Faster coded from the Apollo 440-sampling lead single to the Beach Boys making an appearance on New Religion. I feel like radical optimism was Geri's entire brand at the time, always going on about her latest healing journey or bad break-up. The album was sparse of obvious hits but you could hear the heart in it as a body of work and the slightly odd references (like Led Zeppelin) could actually be heard if you listened closely. She even had the cannabilising megahit soundtrack single that derailed the entire era!