Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

I mean, most albums don’t. And I don’t think it’s really ideal for an artist to have music stick around like that anyway if they’re trying to have a functional career. Future Nostalgia was very much a lightning in a bottle moment propelled by unfortunate and unique circumstances, where it was her, The Weeknd, and Doja taking over and truly saving a lot of people’s sanity. The Weeknd suffered a very similar fate with his last album because nothing was reaching the highs of After Hours. Doja was able to escape it by following Hot Pink up with Planet Her, which was even more hit ready, but it definitely caught up to her with Scarlet.

I think Radical Optimism has more than enough to have a standard album campaign for 2024. There’s at least 2-3 more singles left here if they choose to go that deep again.

I do also think it massively helped that she was really primed to have a big breakthrough era......New Rules, Electricity and One Kiss really made people take notice to her as an artist to watch who was about to have a breakthrough moment. And then of course, it definitely helped that she capitalized on that and was out there working the Future Nostalgia era hard from the moment Don't Start Now dropped. She had planted the seeds for things to thankfully grow the way they did once everything else stopped.

I know it's been discussed a lot in here but I do really still think things would have been different if they handled Houdini better. They kind of wasted the "she's back" moment...there was no reason to throw it out there in Q4, right before the holidays and 5 months before the album, if they weren't going to give it any sort of a push and then keep the promo going for Dance the Night. So many casual Pop listeners I know had no clue she even had a new single out in the months to follow, and I feel like that song should have been everywhere.
It's been hard for big acts to get a hit single after the album release in the US, because the previous singles hang around for too long. Olivia Rodrigo couldn't.

True, but I feel like it's much easier now than it was 5 or so years ago. Things are so unpredictable these days and anything is possible; Hozier just scored a #1 smash with a song that was initially just put out as a "leftover that didn't make the album", and I know Taylor is Taylor but it's still telling the way Cruel Summer smashed 4 years later without a push.
Spotify gave me a little pop-up tonight that said "Congratulations! You're in the top 10% of streams for Radical Optimism." I don't remember ever getting one of those before (I'm sure I deserved it for the last two Beyonce albums), but it made me feel proud. Doing my part for the US numbers, at least! I'm addicted to that "Maria" flute.
It’s a bit curious that Ian Kirkpatrick and Andrew Wyatt seemingly got involved towards the latter end of the album making process. Their contributions are my least favorite on the album but I’m wondering if a deluxe would mostly be material with them.
I’m pretty sure the Andrew and Ian sessions were the first thing she did as per her notebook and the pictures she posted on her Instagram.
he/him/basic cishomo
I’d like to note an angle that nobody is picking up on. This is the perfect album to play whilst tackling difficult jigsaws. I have achieved more in one afternoon of playing this than I have in the last week or so.
SCREAM. I totally get this and want to try it myself. It's very good jigsaw puzzle music Dua! I'm sure it'd be great for cooking. I personally listened to it while folding laundry and felt optimistic.gemmacollins.
It felt like in the 80s and 90s artists would release 2-3 singles before an album then into the 00's it sort of shifted to 1 big hit single then an album would drop two weeks later. With streaming it's a bit of a mish-mash depending on the artist but I wonder if someone as big as Dua would have benefited from just releasing one single, allow it to build momentum and then issue the album and have 2-3 other big singles after to help keep sales/interest going.

Or maybe it would have made little/no difference at all. Streaming still confuses me on the daily.