Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

My CD came with nothing, why does Dua hate me???? I bought this the day it was announced

On first listen, the album didn't feel as immediate as her previous two. But it is definitely not a bad record. I actually feel like listening to it without the singles makes it a stronger listen. Not that the singles are bad at all but I somehow feel the 3 of them feel sonically disconnected from the rest of the album?
Whatcha Doing is this era’s Cool. They both have that same warm and wistful vibe that reeks of groovy summertime euphoria.
I actually think These Walls is this album's Cool. The adlibs on the second chorus give me so much life, when they don't repeat on the last one I'm always bummed out dd.

Whatcha Doing is punchier, I can't find a sister song on Future Nostalgia