Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

My local record store in Hoboken actually had a copy of the deluxe UK cd and signed print from HMV. Had to snag it!



Just a tad late.

dd I was just checking the Dutch Top 40 to build an argument that it's peaking at #8 here right now, but that's actually Training Season. We're even slower than the States, christ. (Illusion dropped to #37 *sadface*)
Timed to drop around Glastonbury? Hmm. Or maybe to get it up the charts a bit before Glastonbury as it’s been climbing a little?

I’d rather they push a new single / deluxe album…

(I’m still buying it, the incomplete set has been upsetting me)
Had some mildly reliable tea that the BBC are using Illusion as their primary theme tune for all the Glastonbury coverage this year which would give it a huge bit of GP exposure. Having some cute physicals available feels smart to link with that.