Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

The album / era just doesn’t quite make sense to me. You have Houdini which is exciting and suggests an evolution from the previous era - slightly moodier, electronic pop. And then nothing else on the album goes in that direction. The album is all quite straightforward good enough pop music, which is fine, but not very exciting. The album title and imagery doesn’t really match with the sound, neither do the influences she talked about before release. Which is bizarre because the previous era was so confident and clear on what it was through the album, the imagery etc.
People also keep saying “she’s gonna jump on some collabs” but these have also stopped happening the last few years no? They were the thing to do in 2017 or so but now not so much right? It’s only b / c tier girls doing Kygo / Galantis / Guetta songs now. Calvin x Miley seemed very old school when announced (and seems like it’s being paused?).
I feel that female artists, once they are established, now have more agency in their careers. So Dua can have this long rollout, Taylor can release a 31 track album, Beyonce can throw out Cowboy Carter and then go back to her family life, etc etc. We like to speculate what our favourites will do, some like to demand that they do this or that, but it seems that there's more freedom for these women to do what they want. It feels that there's not necessarily only one path to take anymore and I applaud that.
The album hasn’t clicked as a whole I don’t think but all three singles have been very steadily doing between 1.3-1.5m per day. I’d say the singles will tick along nicely while she works on the next one. It’s a shame because the album is great.

Future Nostalgia has surpassed Radical Optimism in daily streams though.


It's crazy how this just sorta...came and went. Zero splash. They must have the rerelease lined up already. Maybe it's being a USAhuntie and it did splash in Europe.

I can only speak from experience in NL, but the singles smashed here. Especially Houdini and Training Season (still #12 in the Top 40, dropped from #8 last week). Their instrumentals were used on tv programs, the songs were played loads and had a very good and very lengthy chart run here. I don't know where to find our official album charts, but if this is official, the album peaked at #1 and currently sits at #9. So yeah, it splashed at least here! dd

I am LIVING in this remix my GOD.


It’s a decent album but it’s weakness is treading in the same sonically waters as the previous album without reinventing the wheel. The singles are still great additions to her bursting discography.
I believe the problem is the album is just too Massive Attack for the undiscerning pop fan.

(There is no problem, it's a second classic in a row)