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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era (STUDIO 2054 EVENT OF THE YEAR)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. She’s a server, your honour, she likes to serve a lot.
  2. I think Levitating must be single after.

    Which means we're getting the 5 single campaign we deserve.

    Even though Cool, Love Again or even Pretty Please should have been released instead of Hallucinate.
  3. I think you meant as well as*
  4. So these last five pages were all for nothing?
  5. 3Xs


    I think it's fine if Hallucinate comes first. It can get a shot-at-home video (a psychedelic green screened MV would actually suit it too).

    Then Levitating can come later with the big budget video it deserves!
  6. I love this one... but where is the one we all wanted?
  7. Your order is still on its way.
  8. I guess that it makes sense that they'd release another single first, so that they can properly prepare for the release of a single with a high-profile collaborator.
  9. I don't mind Hallucinate being a single, I think it stands the best chance after Levitating. I'm not sure anything else is quite as instant, despite loving Cool and Love Again more. She'll easy get playlist and radio support, even if it's not a remix (which I doubt it is), in the same way Harry Styles did.
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  10. Yas! Iconic era confirmed!
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  11. "Hallucinate" is still the one for me on this album next to "Physical" and "Don't Start Now" - and is begging for a video more than any other song - so I'm pumped for this.

    If the stan fantasy of "Hallucinate" getting an amazing video and becoming a cute hit in Europe as "Break My Heart" is peaking in the US before "Levitating" coming in a month or two with a remix and big global push comes true... This era I fucking cannot.
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  12. Hallucinate and Levitating are my two favourite album tracks and they both definitely need to be singles. I don't mind in which order. It does make sense to have this as a UK/Euro single and then Levitating a bit later with Madonna. I'm looking forward to the video and the live performances!
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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    If they were gonna hold off on Levitating then it should've been Cool

  14. Here's the tea.
  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Hoping Cool gets to be the late October/depressing early November beacon it ought to be instead
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  16. Have you not seen how Dua's team work over the past year? They're organised and plan things to the minute. They'll want a big video ready for the release for something this big. Remember that Break My Heart's video and released was planned and filmed months before 'Physical' was even out.
  17. The way every damn image from this era has been outstanding.
  18. Hallucinate is a banger and a half but I still have hopes for Levitating. If they decide to tide people over until they, allegedly, get Madonna (or anyone else, for the bigger push) on the track, I'm okay with that. I don't see Hallucinate doing much, though. It's unlike everything else out right now, but hopefully it'll play in her favour.

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