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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era (STUDIO 2054 EVENT OF THE YEAR)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. The way we now expect good performances from Dua and are disappointed if they're mediocre...we've come such a long way this past year I love to see it.
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  2. I think it was a good performance. She was choosing to not move, the look alone tells it.
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  3. While I do agree that the look was a moment in itself, the gown was made for movement, in my opinion. It deserved more than a few side sways.

    I would've settled for an aerial shot of Dua spinning, tbh.
  4. I thought the performance was just OK but after seeing this photo I'm actually disappointed!
    They ought to do this on tour.
  5. I adore that look! And I thought she sounded great but I’m camp we needed movement. I just wanted to see her spin around. I kind of loved the stand still with gentle armography at the beginning but figured it’d lead to a lemme grab the mic and twirl ending! The songs just so explosive and made for dancing!
  6. I feel like all of our gay little hearts are going to implode with the boppery (and choreography) I reckon she’s going to unleash at the AMAs tonight.
  7. I tried to replace it
    With city lights


    I'll never escape it
    I need the high

  8. I'm sure they must have been tested and all that, but this clip is giving me anxiety.
  9. I was watching old movies yesterday and there were scenes with human contact that made me nervous. Every human contact gives me anxiety by this point, it’s exhausting.
  10. So apparently there’s a deluxe version of Future Nostalgia coming out on Friday? I didn’t know that.
  11. The Club Future Nostalgia vinyl is dropping on Friday and the French deluxe edition featuring Fever is out next Friday.
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    Think the only added track is Levitating with DaBaby, but it's part of the Club Future Nostalgia vinyl pack.
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  13. It isn’t the Club Future Nostalgia vinyl?.
  14. 1D827C93-FBB0-471E-86B6-35DCA620B079.jpeg
    No, I saw it on her website when I was looking at Studio 2054 tickets, it’s called the “Bonus Edition”, the artwork is slightly different and it’s a double album. I looked it up and apparently the bonus CD is Club Future Nostalgia. A bit disappointing, I has hoping for new material dddd
  15. She said Side B is coming in 2021
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  16. I've been obsessed with the Hallucinate remixes. The Tensnake remix maximizes the glittery euphoria and I've found the original just doesn't pop hard enough anymore. Plus the Paul Woodford remix has that thumping bass and gorgeous piano bit.

    Club Future Nostalgia/the remixes this era have been a blessing. Dua was like here have a dozen perfect versions of the same perfect song, good luck.
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  17. So...the last 5 guests? Who are we expecting? Surely Dababy is a given?

    Also how many songs can we fit into 60 minutes because I'm gonna need first performances of 'Cool', 'Physical' and 'Electricity for old times sake.
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  18. Kylie did 13 full songs and 4 partial ones in 50 minutes.
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    I'm silently hoping for more surprises - Lily could be a lot of fun, and I'm putting the possibility of Neneh Cherry out there!
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