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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Gwen reading this post:

  2. I will never understand how that video got green lighted. It’s so painful to watch.
  3. It was originally just a backdrop that Sophie Muller filmed of Gwen "performing" the song for the first time. She chucked it out as the video after positive reception/buzz to her first live performance of the track, because she liked that her emotions were captured.

    Anyway, excited about her feature. It's been a minute since she's jumped on a pop track. I'm not sure about comments about it being a "return to form" - her last album was great, and even the songs she's done with Blake have been listenable, although country is not my thing. She's proven to be pretty versatile. Having her on a song like "Physical" seems like it'll be pretty effortless for her.
  4. Return to form = making music the people at the LGBTQ community like again.
  5. Me when Blake is also on the track:


  6. What is dis hunni?
  7. Making music people who do not watch Duck Dunasty like.
  8. A fake tracklist.
  9. Well that is good news then!
  10. Sounds too good to be true. Kill the Ed Sheeran track with fire though.
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  11. It's clearly fake. I would hope that Dua would have better taste then Clean Bandit...
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    People doubting the Physical remix...... there is no way it won’t be a banger.
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  13. OK but Hallucinate feat. Kylie produced by freaking Röyksopp... damn.

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  14. "Return to form" is just press release shorthand to make journalists reference the peak era discography in theior write up without sacrificing space on the promo CD sticker. It's lazy and fanbases fall for it time and again.
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  15. I mean even beyond the music she's become quite boring hasn't she? At least in contrast to how she used to be. I didn't know this was such a controversial statement.
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  16. With Gwen specifically I think it's more a case of the public evolving while she didn't. She probably never thought she was "out of form" or doing something radically different from her first two albums.
  17. MB


    For anyone who missed it...
  18. This is the umpteenth time someone has posted this rumour that has no evidence.
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  19. Jorja on Pretty Please?!
    If only.
  20. To be honest that tracklist triggers me every time I see it. I hope to god it's fake. "Y2K Murder" especially sounds like something a twitter stan would come up with.

    Really? Maybe I need to re-visit the third album cause I don't know about this but also I have no recollection of that era so I can't really sit here and disagree.
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