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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Dropping by to say that Love Again better not be done dirty in the performance (is it even going to be performed?). It's the best song on the album.

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  2. When I tell you I cackled
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  3. Never forget
  4. But Dua working with Elton is NOT a joke. Why Dua, why why why?
  5. Not Dua forgetting to announce The Blessed Madonna so she had to announce herself.
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  6. Help me, Dua Lipa. You're my only hope.

  7. I really . . . don’t need all these special guests?

    I was buzzing for it to be Dua and a studio and a complete performance of the album beginning to end with a few hits thrown in. I’m actually now less excited because it’s basically become Future Nostalgia: The Duets. Which is . . . not what it was initially pitched as and not what I’m particularly interested in.

    I’m probably just being grumpy. It will still be good and we will get our gay lives. The Kylie / Miley performances will probably be iconic. It’s just a shame because she doesn’t need all of this. When you’ve got a star as good as Dua and an album as good as Future Nostalgia, there doesn’t really need to be anything else.
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  8. Ideal situation would be Miley on Prisoner, the men on Un Dia, Blessed Madonna popping up as Levitating becomes the remix/they do Love Is Religion and then Kylie/Elton etc pulling a Bitch I’m Madonna and just popping up in the middle of some banger or another. I really don’t think they’ll have a big part.
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  9. And if the new info is true that it is in fact 90 minutes she can play all of her current album, most hits and still duet with people.
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  10. There's a couple of guests I could do without but I'm really hyped for the Twigs collab and a full 'Fever' performance. Kylie will be good as always and heck, the Miley and Dua will probably be a serve even if I'm not sold on the song. Now that we know it's likely closer to 1 hour 30, it gives for Dua more space to showcase her songs on her own, too.
  11. Un Dia needs to fuck off become a bonus track performance.
  12. Where are the receipts for the 90 minute running time? Someone I know is certain it’s only 60 minutes and I just wanna be right!
  13. I asked LiveNow who are hosting it yesterday and they came back with this:


    Please don't @ me for getting the name of the event wrong.
  14. The Global Spotify Charts disagree. As do most of the South American Spotify charts.
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  15. Imagine being pressed at the prospect of a one off Dua/Kylie performance. Can’t relate!
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  16. I...don’t think anyone was annoyed about that? Ddd.
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  17. I mean it’s not that serious, I’m just hyped for Kylie, Miley and FKA Twigs, so the more the better. It was the Kylie inclusion that actually sealed me buying a ticket.
  18. I have a ticket but my friends have now decided to host a Poker Night on Zoom that I feel obliged to attend. Will it be available on demand after like Sam Smith’s stream was?
  19. The guest list just keeps growing!

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