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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    X 1000
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  2. jdjjfjfjfjjfjdjshdhdhf I’m so emotional and just on song 2??????
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  3. Yaaaaaaas Pretty Please!!!

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  5. That bit at the end of Levitating was a amazing!
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  6. Ooooh she’s pulling out the Britney classics, being lifted and spun by her dancer. Fabulous!
  7. Not mine freezing ARGH
  8. Anyone in the mood for charity? Ddd Let me wait for the torrent later then.
  9. Dua sis... the ratio aspect.
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  10. Sis knows how to WORK a mic stand.
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  11. Didn’t she originally say this was gonna have loads of different sets and be really visual?
  12. There has to be some widescreen expansion moment coming when she switches sets or something...
  13. I'm living for the TOTP2 aesthetic.
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  14. Hun
  15. The end of Pretty Please. I just choked on my chocolate.
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  16. Same I’m loving it, and her serving without any distractions

    But also
    We are three songs in...
  17. Same girl
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  18. This Break My Heart arrangement.

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  19. You rang?
  20. K94


    Catching the spirit from these intro arrangements
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