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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. The reviews so far have my wig off center already. I'm so excited.

    Who's part of the North American shift?
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  2. If anyone can nail it, it’s Dua. I honestly think she’s about to left turn into something brand new and brilliant with DL3.

    But we’re still not done with this behemoth of an era just yet. The fact there’s more still to come? I don’t know a better woman.
  3. SAME I still got 4 beers to go!

    The way I screamed-sobbed with the Future Nostalgia - Levitating transition.......... the faggotry.
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  4. Are you OK
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  5. BTG


    Who’d have thought when she first debuted that Dua would ever have the range to deliver that? What an absolute game changer.
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  6. It’s the most beautifully filmed segment of the night. The camera work was outstanding. If I’m not wrong, it’s a single take.
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  7. Old queens wish they had what she did to old singles, truly!
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Cool performance could literally be the music video for it - I've planted the seed ETC.
  9. Can something like this get nominated for an Emmy?? ddd, I know it‘s not on TV bit maybe they can adjust this.
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  10. HMD


    What’s the song performed by/with FKA Twigs?
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  12. Ok so.. I’m watching it again (ddd) and can confirm it’s as much as a serve as the first time.

    The quick Missy Elliot sample inbetween Future Nostalgia and Levitating... I mean CMON now who is doing it like her??
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  13. [​IMG]

    A 9.75/10. Elton was...pointless if nicely staged, and Miley just being “current single promo” took away. Rest was perfect.
  14. My good sis Track #7 watching the sick and twisted Hallucinaysayers rushing to her door after she got one of the most brilliant interpolation mixes of the whole thing.

  15. I feel just, like.. a lot gayer after watching that. Y'know?
  16. Rewatching again and the brief intro before Future Nostalgia is serving Janet - Control, ugh their minds!
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  17. I shazamed it but nothing SO I HOPE NEW MUSIC IS COMING
  18. Probably their duet for Future Nostalgia side B! Title hasn't been announced yet.
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  19. Honestly if the BBC or Channel 4 were smart they'd give miss Dua a cheque for the broadcasting rights for this to fill an evening on the festive schedules (Infinite Disco too!)
  20. It’s their upcoming collab.
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