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Dua Lipa - The Future Nostalgia Era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I was NOT ready for that ending

  2. My tv isn't working
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  3. Me getting into bed after my fourth time

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  4. waiting on the email on how to access the stream

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  5. Everything is working! bout to walk into studio 2054 puss first
    see you on the other side girls
  6. Getting ready to enter Studio 2054 in a different timezone, but drunk.

  7. I saw snippets on Twitter. I don't know another performer who has improved on her stage presence so quickly.

    She's joined Cardi, Doja, Lorde & Chloe x Halle as new gen pop girls I'm excited to see live.
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  8. Im still Levitating, Hallucinating, Feverishly and kinda Cool Physically what... Dont Start Now (Live in LA) with me.
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  9. Loved it. Don’t Start Now just keeps giving and giving...
  10. Okay it's about to be US show time no spoilers please xx
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  11. Enjoy the show US girls! Pour a drink cuz its gonna be a blast!
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  12. Just watched it and holy fuck, she fed us so good. Literally the only low points were Un Dia, Miley and Elton. Everything else was exquisite. Dua herself, the looks, the sets, the staging, the camerawork, the arrangements 10/10. She may not be the most natural performer but when she delivers this good, we can't complain.
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  13. Yes, I hope Kylie's label/management make it happen!
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    THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!
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  15. Future Nostalgia is really the soundtrack to my 2020. The way these songs gave me so much joy while I was in locked in my home...

    Studio 2054 is just another amazing piece of this amazing campaign.

    Dua Lipa for president!
  16. This is probably my third post in a row but I’m drunk so who cares?

    I need “Real Groove (feat. Dua Lipa)” on streaming NOW!
  17. Been pregaming for the last few hours ddd I’m ready!
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  18. LETS GOOOO U.S. (EAST COST) I may have pregamed with 4 tequilas already while my family has no idea what’s going on tonight and I’m alone watching this. It’s all I have

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  19. If I could like this thread title I would a million times. What. A. Triumph. and such a good indicator for the tour.

    I guess we’re ready for the summer, ladies.
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  20. ddd "coming soon" WHEN
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