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Dubstar - Two

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlmostMidnight, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. They’re back! This just popped up on my Facebook feed unexpectedly.

    Great to hear them return to a synth-heavy sound.
  2. Yes, it's cracking.
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  3. This is what I wanted the last album to sound like.
  4. Really great song and an album on the way too. Stephen Hague produced.
  5. Great stuff! An unexpected but very welcome return.
  6. They just need to bring back the old logo now.

    And press the early albums on vinyl (I don’t think Goodbye ever had one?)
  7. Yeah love this - couldn’t quite get into the last album
  8. This is my official Lockdown anthem.
  9. Definitely! 'Disgraceful' on light blue vinyl (with original vagina cover) is a must!
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  10. Heard this a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. Apparently, they have a fair bit of material recorded for a new album.
  11. Loved the last album. It was their third album (pre-hiatus) that I struggled with.
  12. Make It Better is so underrated. I think it's probably stronger than Goodbye, though of course not in the league of Disgraceful, which is an album that never tires itself out.
  13. I was playing Disgraceful to celebrate it's 25th anniversary. One of my friends was around at the time and he said, "God, this whole album is a greatest hits isn't it?"
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  14. It's really quite perfect. Everything was right about that album. It still is.
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  15. I really wanted to like "Make it better". Maybe I should it give it another chance. Goodbye is an odd one since I am pretty sure I have the US version of this album - which has songs from Disgraceful lumped in. As a result, I find making comparisons between Goodbye and Disgraceful quite difficult.
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  16. I hate to be that muso but the b-sides from Make It Better really sound like they belong with Disgraceful and Goodbye, which is a good good good thing.
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  17. I was literally just thinking about digging into Dubstar's b-sides so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to share!
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  18. I Lost A Friend
    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
    Redirected Mail

    My favourites.
  19. Thanks a ton - will definitely check these out this evening!
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  20. I also like This is my Home
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