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Dubstar - Two

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlmostMidnight, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Anyone know any likely reason why Token is no longer playable on Apple Music?
  2. Yes to both, love Token. So glad that they're back - Two is shaping up to be something special.
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  3. I tweeted them and they said they’re going to investigate.
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  4. Totally forgot the album was out today!

    Diving in now.
  5. Of the songs that saw the light of day today, "Kissing to be unkind" has to be the best.
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  6. Really really enjoying this album. Reassuring Stephen Hague production and some great songs.
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  7. I mean... clearly their best album after Disgraceful.
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  8. Loving the album, they really are back on top form. My boyfriend informed me as he was passing through the room during Perfect Circle that it's an R.E.M cover which would have completely passed me by if he hadn't told me.
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  9. I only knew it was a cover because I looked at the credits. Really enjoying Two. The guy who served me in HMV was inspired to buy a copy himself!
  10. I’d like to hear the remixes but I don’t need the instrumentals. I can’t tell the difference between the standard and widescreen versions?
  11. Really enjoying the album, of the previously unreleased tracks Blood and Lighthouse are the standouts for me.

    No. 27 in the midweeks, hopefully this can hang on to be their first charting album in 25 years (!)
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  12. It's phenomenal as an album. That Perfect Circle would even make Vladimir Putin weep.

    They absolutely need to tour even if it's just north and south gigs in the UK!

    For me, the real angle is the ex third member of the band who's been having putting out his own music (it's dire,
    , and
    ) which is so millions of miles behind Dubstar and Two, it's almost tragic to watch. "Steve Hillier" will follow you on facebook and twitter if you like or comment on anything on Dubstar's page or twitter. He throws shade, bigs himself up and it's a compelling if tragic blog to read, but impossible to stop reading... can't help wondering if he's part of the subject of Social Proof... "wake up alone in a world of pain" as a line is pretty brutal...?

    Anyone make it to their Rough Trade gig ? They do an acoustic version of Token which surprises me...
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  13. I wonder how Steve feels about this reunion?
  14. That is the best (or actually worst) bit... Steve tends to say "it's just Chris and Sarah doing their solo act" when talking about Dubstar now... his therapist must have a pretty nice house. I do actually pity him, in all fairness, but some of his comments are so uber-Alan-Partridge, you lose sympathy fairly quickly...
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  15. This new album is quite the triumph isn't it?! I've not paid much (any) attention to Dubstar since the mid-90's. I loved Disgraceful, and here we are over twenty years later with Two sounding like a direct follow up, with no time having passed at all!

    Really glad I went for the deluxe - the extended versions really give songs like Token, Hygiene Strip and I Can See You Outside room to breathe and elevate an already wonderful bunch of songs.

    The Innocence sample on Hygiene Strip is a masterstroke, and Token (Extended) with it's false ending is Behaviour-era Pet Shop Boys level sublime nonchalance. It's that good.

    Great stuff - I hope it does well for them.
  16. Didn't he leave the band though? Or is that inaccurate?
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  17. Yes on one of the interviews or podcasts they (Dubstar now Sarah and Chris) said something like their publishing wasn't taken up for Make it Better, which apparently signalled that they would be dropped completely from the label very soon. At which point Steve upped and left the band middle of Make It Better album launch, knowing what would happen, and the other two had to promote the album etc themselves (only them in videos), knowing what would happen (presumably they were under contract to do all that even if he left - fairly sure Chris said he didn't even tell Sarah)... looking at the publishing credits on Make it Better, it's all Steve whereas Disgraceful wasn't - the three of them are all on it.

    This is why One and Two are fascinating albums - they're the pure Dubstar just like Disgraceful... and Make it Better feels like an outlier album... to me anyway.

    But look at Steve's twitter and facebook and you'll pick up on the anger... he has Dubstar plastered all over his page like he's still in the band... he keeps saying he is good friends with Sarah and Chris, but........ well you decide!
    Once you see Steve's facebook, you won't be able to defriend him ever. It's breathtaking. The best bits are where he gets praise for Token and the like.

    So yeah, he left the band...
  18. Eeeek.
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  19. Does anyone know what happened to the reissues they mentioned for Disgraceful and Goodbye a while back, or should I just bite the bullet on my next payday and get the CDs from Discogs? The version of Goodbye that's on Spotify over here is a weird hybrid of the two albums and it feels wrong
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