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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScissorSister, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos, they are delightful, and yes, the write-ups are very interesting.

    Great that he included Cathedral Park - such an underrated song - I was gutted when it missed the Top 40 and it remains one of my favourites.

    Such a shame Steve isn't involved with Dubstar anymore - I enjoyed the last album but it was definitely missing something.

    Looks like a new album is coming going by their Twitter - fingers crossed.
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  2. You’re welcome. I’ll post in batches of 5 until they’re done (just cos I love how they all look on the page!)

    The tantalising hints of what might’ve been are the saddest part - but then Dubstar was always about the bittersweet melancholy, so I guess it’s very on brand.

    Cathedral Park never really clicked, personally - quite a ‘Right Said Fred’ quality which isn’t in itself that much of a bad thing per se - but this piano instrumental is the best I think it ever sounded.

  3. I'm happy Steve has love for material from 'Make It Better', which I think gets treated unfairly by fans; 'Swansong' and 'The Self Same Thing' here are proof of that. The write-up on his site for the latter is a heartbreaking account of the band ultimately going it's separate ways, albeit with a few false starts later - one of which is showcased here. The story behind 'We're Great' is intriguing as it references what he calls "the whole Client kerfuffle".

    Oh and 'Just A Girl She Said' *swoon*
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  4. An intriguing selection; 2 new unreleased tracks and 3 b-sides (two of which are renamed - explained on his website in the write-ups)

    I loved ‘Bow Wow Now’. That, along with ‘Excuse Me Father’, were my most replayed songs on that first cassette single I ever bought of theirs - even more so than the lead song ‘Stars’ itself.

    The unreleased material sounds wonderful - I dream of a day we’ll hear them with vocals.
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  5. Unchained monologue - was such the b-side. I love it so much
  6. One of my favourite B-sides of all time.
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  7. There we have it; the final 5 of the 25 reinterpretations of Dubstar material by Stephen Hillier. ‘Ghost’ is sublime as always I’m pleased to hear.

    If you haven’t already, I recommend visiting his site to read the notes about each track: https://www.stevehillier.net/dubstar-25. Steve says there’ll be more information about these versions soon (perhaps a physical release?)

    I reiterate that I’d love to eventually experience those lost few albums-worth of material because there really is nothing better than the energy of that original Dubstar line-up. As Steve himself recounts, “there were two types of Steve Hillier songs, the jolly ones you could dance to and the daggers through the heart.” Wouldn’t it be great to hear them all?
  8. Disgraceful def need a reissue treatement ! All the bsides and some remixes, too. Thanx !
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  9. I'd love some re-issues. They were a brilliant B-sides band and there were plenty of them too.
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  10. Oh this is sounding great! It gives me hope that they've thrown the production element in that was sorely missing from the last album.
  11. They seem to have worked with Stephen Hague this time.
  12. I really like this! The last album was good but this is a marked improvement.
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  13. Ah, this sounds like proper Dubstar doesn't it?
  14. Yes, so much so I had to go buy it. I liked the last album but it was missing something
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  15. Very excited about Stephen Hague being back on board for this.
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  16. 20 years ago Make It Better came out. I bought the album in Penzance while on holiday (possibly at Virgin? Along with Portishead's Dummy. I've always had my finger on the pulse). Much maligned by fans and ignored by the general public I still love this album. From the cartoon guitars of I (Friday Night), the heartbreak of Mercury and the comedy of I'm Conscious of Myself ('Don't you just love my arse?'), they're a band that are very much 'me'. I've since upgraded to the Japanese version. That was only a few years back when, thanks to a Popjustice member, I discovered there were tracks I didn't own! Also, pretty sure "Don't you just love my arse?" was my MSN Messenger strapline for a long time.
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  17. Has anyone heard the clip of the new single on their Instagram? sounds good!
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  18. It really does!

    Also, how many videos does Stars actually have?
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