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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScissorSister, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Sounds absolutely fab! Friday cannot come soon enough.
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  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08xgp4y

    Skip to 1 hour 32 Dubstar told me on Instagram where to find it which was kind.

    It's absolutely glorious I think it's even better than Hygiene Strip, think danceable and Petshop Boys.
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  3. I really like this! Especially the last minute or so.
  4. Same gives me tingles the guitar
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  5. Sounds so good - I’d actually like to hear remixes too.
    This could be from either of the first two albums!
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  6. Heard the whole thing two days ago and its fantastic. Love the fact that they are indulging their uptempo mojo on this one.
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  7. Just downloaded this. Fantastic song and arrangement. Is there an album coming and when, does anyone know?
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  8. Ok, I’m really loving this - it’s sounding like a classic already. I hope we get an album of songs like this and heartbreaking slowies

    does everyone know about Every Day I Die? I only discovered it on Spotify the other day and it’s a corker! X
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  9. The Gary Numan cover? Is good isn’t it
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  10. So good, wonderfully produced and thst guitar is chefs kiss
  11. I Can See You Outside and Hygiene Strip are both totally phenomenal. Production, performance, writing, everything. Exactly what's needed.

    The One album is actually much better than "Make It Better", both in song-writing and production terms, really hope they rework some of the One tracks with this new treatment.

    They seem to work well as a duo, waiting patiently for my 12" & 7" of Hygiene Strip and the Manic Now acoustic. There are new mixes on the 12" which have not been released yet... anyone seen these previewed anywhere ?
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  12. What’s the ‘Manic Now’ acoustic?

    ignore me, just discovered it, had no idea there was a physical release of Hygiene Strip... that I now want
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  13. Felt the same! I want to hear those new mixes! And are they doing the same for I Can See You Outside ?

    Fascinating to watch the ex member of the band struggling with his solo career after he left them... his latest:

    Which seems to be a carbon copy of this from when I was a kid...

    Box of Delights opening - YouTube

    All a bit sad really. Got added to his facebook a while back and it's full-on shade/bitter fest about his leaving Dubstar... can't stop looking at it though... Sarah and Wilkie don't seem to say much about it at all and not seen them posting on his page although he says they are all really good mates. Story waiting to unfold...
  14. Okay so the joy of my 12”/7” coloured vinyl being delivered is now tempered by the lack of any download code or files. All this despite the fact that upon buying them I received the digital only ‘I can see you outside’ from download site... jeez!
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  15. The extended mix of Hygiene Strip popped up in my Spotify today. What a great track. Somehow passed me by last year.
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  16. If you ever wondered why Blackwood and Wilkie had to let Hillier go, this upload reveals all... the guy has a good voice though, despite the teenage schoolband feel of the track...
  17. I love Dubstar, I always wondered why Sarah left Client though?
  18. Dubstar is slated to drop a new single called "Tectonic Plates" in about ten days. The little snippet they have posted on Instagram sounds amazing.
  19. I'm really excited for this new album. Honestly, I've played Hygiene Strip remorselessly.
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