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Dumblonde (Aubrey O'Day & Shannon Bex)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Voicething, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Such Good News! DB! are about to blow! can't wait!
  2. Ugh it's probably gonna take Shannon punching Aubrey to get the ep!
  3. I can't wait!! The ustream made me more excited for their project
  4. CRYING.
  5. Shannon's not that stupid.
  6. Aubrey is quite smart, she can trick Shannon into hitting her.
  7. Háá best comments here and on DK3 thread!
  8. You can't trick someone into hitting you, if you hit someone then the only person responsible is yourself. R.I.P DK3, hello Dumblonde.
  9. You'll be responsible if you hit someone for no reason, which should be stupid. I don't think Dawn is stupid.

    I'm glad Dawn is making new music and I'm happy Aubrey and Shannon are doing that as well.
  10. Thesee girls should be pushing for their own reality TV show.
    Aubrey is TV gold and they will need a platform to get their brand and music out there to the general public.
  11. I Agree, i always new they would get a Major deal over Dawn nothing against Dawn i just new they would get Major deal and she would be left without one.she says she's still waiting for a major platform from a deal but know ones knocking on her door.hmmmm
  12. Looking forward to this, can't believe they have a deal already!
  13. They've got an album deal, so we're getting a full visual album now, not just an EP!
  14. That's good although I hope they don't delay things too much.
  15. Wow, really promising! Sounds nothing like DK which is fine by me. Really interested in this.
  16. Both of those snippets sound really good. I'm interested to see how this whole project pans out, with the videos and everything.
  17. I'm excited for this.

    Watching that U-Stream though... Aubrey just loves the sound of her own voice, doesn't she?
  18. Both deliver stank face so welll.
  19. It's not like it's hard to sound better than the unfinished rushed job that is the DK3 album.

    But yeah the clips sound really good.
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