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Duncan James - the biggest flop yet?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by maxmartin, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. It fills me with glee to see that Duncan went in at 59.
    Please dont tell me he will get single no.3?

    he's so smug!
  2. I don't care about Duncan, but I was overjoyed that Lee Ryan flopped.

    The Blue reunion can't be far away, can it?

  3. Not so, Simon Webbe is doing well and has successfully sliced a cut of the Seal single mother music market. My mum loves him with a passion.

    Obviously I inherited my taste in music from my father's side!
  4. Let's hope not, they were just as awful and smug as a band. Let them all piss off!
  5. Christ!!! thats sooo funny! woolworths had it in the top 10 on there 'oh so accurate' chart last week! unless duncan moved his cds on to the top 10 rack! the swine!!!

    thing is he will only end up presenting some god awful tv prog or something and get paid millions so he's still going to be smug!.
  6. Sure, Duncan James has been a flop and to be honest it is no surprise

    he's music was bland and very middle of the road and didnt push any barriers

    I thought that he could of succeeded, if all of he's songs were at the standard of Amazed (which should of been his first single)

    Can a Blue reunion happen so soon?

    Blue were a great boyband but to return would it really be a great thing, even tho i would love to see it happen.

    Originally they said they would be just 'taking time off' so a return could be a possibility especially with Lee Ryan dropped, Duncan stumbling in at 59, Antony not even gettin a 2nd single and Simon....well will a second album do as good as his first?
  7. Duncan has a good song or two on his album. Not brilliant mind you, but good. Cant Stop A River was actually given to another artist (australian idol season 1 winner Guy sebastian) and both artist were going to release it (in differnt countries) around the same time because the writters didnt tell them that they gave the song to more then 1 person. Thankfully Guy realized and decided to release another song. But imagine how funny it would be for duncan to release a track that barley charts... and then guy release the same track at #1 in Oz (which as I understand has more people..)
  8. *Imagines*

    Not very.
  9. I know it's totally unpopular to say this but I thought his voice sounded fab on his single and I generally thought it was an OK track. I'm shocked that it went in so low. I love Simon and I'm not a single mum although I so fucking love Seal so there.
  10. He's still doing promo for it. He was on the Sharron Osborne show earlier on.

    I'll be amazed if the rc keep him. Two singles which didn't reach the top 30 and an album that went so low I don't know where it charted. If they keep him, then they're the most loyal rc known in this generation
  11. How did that song with the girl with the stupid boots and the dress nearly get to #1 anyway? I'm not that surprised, he can't sing that well, he doesn't have much stage presence and the song is bland, but then again, Liz Mclarnon went top 5...
  12. I feel the members of Blue were very mistaken, for the most part, in attempting to be 'credible' with their solo careers. You've got Lee Ryan singing earnest-but-dull songs about whatever, Anthony Costa singing whatever-but-whatever songs about dull, (although actually, I can remember how his song went at least and he gets my inevitable 'must back underdog or will be quitter' feeling) Simon Webbe singing earnest-and-pleasant songs about life affirmation and Duncan James singing whatever-but-dull songs about earnestness. It's not hard to see where the odd one out is there.

    Clearly, Simon is earnest-and-pleasant, musically and it fits and it sounds good, in the way that the Lighthouse Family sounded good and yeah, it isn't breaking any barriers but you can hum along to it on the bus without feeling all hope leave your body. The others, though, should clearly have gone for total absurd balls-fests where they showcased utter ridiculousness and thus Lee Ryan could have become the British Justin Timberlake (no really, they are fairly similar vocally, anyway) Duncan could have gone in for non-operatic duets with people, to cover up his frankly-not-that-hot voice and Anthony... ok, yeah, Anthony would probably have ended up in the same place he's in now but he could have done it with some interesting songs.

    Then again, Abs' album was really good and no one cared so maybe it's better for the pop world as a whole to have them flop with rubbish songs rather than use good ones to flop with. I didn't really like Blue except to snigger at the line about bread in 'One Love' but it's generally a shame when there could have been some excellent pop songs thrust at the general public and instead boringness prevails through record companies' lack of willingness to Take An Actual Risk and hence just piss everything away anyway.

    And frankly, this is an absurdly long post, given the subject matter so I think I'll stop now.
  13. I saw that! i thought sharon was going to ask him what no it went in at!!! you could see the horror on his face that he might have to say the position!
  14. I actually think Lee Ryan is a far better singer than Justin Timberlake. In terms of vocals, in my opinion only Clay Aiken is a better vocalist when it comes to male pop stars these days. However, Lee has completely fucked up his career, at least in the UK. Even though I liked about half his album, his material wasn't strong enough to be successful. At least he's still got Italy...

    Duncan is hopeless. His only redeeming attribute is that he's hot. With all the pop magazines and TV shows going down the tubes, he has less opportunity to show that off, which can't have helped his chartings.
  15. Well Antony is now doing theatre, the last i heard, was that he was appearing in Blood Brothers as Mickey.

    Simon Webbe is the only real talent and the only one worthy of success. Lee Ryan had some potential material on his album, he just chose to release the wrong songs after Army Of Lovers.

    Duncan however, always thought he was the better member of Blue. Well, this should give him a wakeup call....
  16. A lot depends on the artist though. Guy is probably more popular and famous in Australia than Duncan is here. And the UK has 60 million people; Australia only has 20 million.
  17. Is that so? I was very wrong about population. I cant image Guy being more popular in Oz, then Blue were in the UK though. However he does have the advantge of being from a reality TV show.
  18. So "Can't Stop a River" has actually been released by Guy Sebastian in Australia now? And is actually #1? Mr. James must be seething if he knows. That often tends to happen with Idol people, but usually it at least takes a few years for songs to get recycled. The notable exception is when D-Side and Clay Aiken released "Invisible" in different territories within months of each other?
  19. No it hasnt been released. They were getting ready to film the music video when they found out, from what I hear. But Guy generally goes in with whatever he releases in high spots, he just recently won an award for Best Male Urban Music Awards. And is nomintated for more in the up coming months, even though he hasnt had an album out since Beautiful Life (which I think was 04)
  20. Never being familiar with the likes of Blue, I had to do a search on who Duncan James was.

    There was a blurb on Billboard.com that EMI are thinking of launching him here in the US.

    Why would that be the case if his album flopped in the UK?
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