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Dune (The 2021 Remake)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Eskapism, Sep 22, 2021.

  1. This was great. Absolutely beautiful to look at, totally sumptuous and every colour and texture and bit of architecture was a masterpiece.

    Saying that.. I did feel like it dragged towards the end, I've yet to feel Timothee has the range for playing anything other than a twentysomething who clenches his jaw a lot, and I didn't feel that emotionally invested in any of the characters.

    I also have to scream at the fact Zendaya is pretty much front and centre of all the press events and she.. says literally three lines in the entire thing? Nice work if you can get it, queen!
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  2. I trust you all here more than I do others elsewhere so I will have to dive into this tomorrow night.
  3. Is the sound on this film similar to Tenet? If so I might hold off until it’s available to stream because despite enjoying the film I regretted watching Tenet in the cinema, leaving with a bit of a headache and wishing I could’ve just turned the volume down a bit and put some subs on.
  4. RJF


    I thought the film is pretty great. It's absolutely stunning, for one. It could have been two hours of giant spaceships landing and taking off in stunning scenery and I would have accepted it. The scene where the city was attacked and the only light was from the destruction was beautiful, and in general I think they did a good job condensing the mythology of what is incredibly punishing source material (I got about two thirds through the first book before giving up.) into something palatable for cinema audiences.

    Oscar Isaac could honestly break every bone in my body and I would probably ***, so there's that.
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  5. I spent the entire film wondering how much she got paid to walk around in the sand smiling serenely.
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  6. It IS kinda funny to watch the promo Zendaya is doing for this film and hear her say in every interview 'oh, I was hardly there to be honest.' Part 2 will be a Timothee and Zendaya special though and is looking more and more likely to happen each day.
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  7. Happy to see it being a success. Apparently, Villeneuve said that he could be ready to start shooting in 2022.

    It's a bit weird that Warner Bros is showing confidence in this franchise, but at the same time didn't make part two while filming part one. It seems so costly to get everyone and everything ready again to film part two.

    I only watched 1 trailer beforehand and was also mislead about the role of Zendaya in this movie. Things are definitely put out of their context in the trailer (which is a good thing to not spoil things).
  8. Great Timothée, beautiful Timothée.
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  9. Ddd unsurprisingly I loved this! It looks absolutely beautiful and is a faithful adaptation of the book.

    I get the criticism that it’s quite dense and jumps into the world/story in a way that isn’t particularly easy for the average cinema-goer who doesn’t have the book as a reference point, but it’s all the better for not spoon-feeding the watcher and making changes to the source material to make it more “accessible” that ultimately compromising quality. The Foundation TV series can’t relate!

    My only two minor quibbles would be that the characterisation of Jessica felt a little off. In the books she reads as very intelligent, very confident and at times quite stoic. Here they seemed to lean more heavily into the emotional, maternal side of her character. By cutting some of the lead up to the attack on the city meant you don’t see her in her role as diplomat, in which she exudes cunning, calm confidence etc.

    The other minor quibble I’ll put under a spoiler in case there ends up being a part two and they ultimately address it…

    The complete lack of mention of Paul’s Mentat abilities. It’s a significant onepart of his mythology and having both Mentat and Bene Gesserit abilities is part of what marks him out as Kwisatz Haderach.
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  10. Thought it was a bit of a slog, not gonna lie. And since I went in without knowing anything about it I thought it could have used a bit of exposition for us locals, because I had to go on wikipedia afterwards to understand what was going on.
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  11. I just saw it as well and agree with this - so many new words and there was a lot of mumbling so I definitely did not understand all that was going on!

    It was beautiful though...will just need subtitles if I watch it again!
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  12. I watched the first hour of this and will definitely finish it up tomorrow, it's just a gorgeous film and I really am captivated by how they've dealt with the source material to make me actually care. You can put me in the group of people that got about halfway through the book and just stopped reading.
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  13. I saw it again yesterday and it really was just so beautiful. It's a shame it for a duel home release; because I feel like seeing this on the small screen does it a great disservice, it's a film made for the big screen. I agree that the film should have been 20 minutes shorter but am really looking forward to seeing what they do with the second half of the book.
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  14. I’m glad to hear this is doing well. I was hesitant to watch at first because I didn’t want to invest and then they don’t even make the second one. Maybe I’ll check it out today.
  15. As much as I loved it, it did drag slightly towards the end. But the face of GODLAMET more than makes up for it.

    Zendaya’s appearance on this film is like a music video gig for her. And I live. Get that check.
  16. This was .. dense. I hadn't a clue what was going on half the time. I very much enjoyed though!

    Come through Jenny Lind
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  17. Horrible movie.

  18. I watched this yesterday and I'm still in awe.

    It felt big in a way a film hasn't felt like since... The Lord of the Rings? The scope of the story is massive. The script is intricate. The score is Hans at his best. Everything just clicks together in a fantastic way.

    I'm usually one of those who tries to read whatever book is being adapted to the screen (hey, Foundation). I didn't with this one and it somehow feels... correct? The film works as a perfect introduction to this universe, and I'm sure having read it all before would have changed my experience. You can bet all 21 (!!) novels are in my Kindle already.

    This is now a Lady Jessica stan account.
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  19. I read the book series' main Wiki about 20 minutes before I pressed play on this and it made the viewing experience much more interesting. Denis Villeneuve has the technology.
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  20. I’m gonna need the “Sisterhood” prequel series asap WB because the Bene Gesserit are creepy as hell. I stan them!
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