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Duran Duran - Future Past

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kaushik, Aug 6, 2021.

  1. They’ve just released another single today - and it sounds fantastic!

    and for those who missed the first single:
  2. It's quite sad that no one here is waiting for Duran Duran in 2021. But if there are any fans remaining, other than @Coolrockgirl and me, you might want to listen to both new singles. They're pure joy!

    More Joy is such a fun song with their stamp on it - instantaneously catchy and distinctly them. Simon sounds bloody amazing, despite his age. The song is produced by Erol Alkan and features guitar work by Blur's Graham Coxon. This has a real nostalgic feel to it - especially for those who were in love with their work in the 80s.

    I must admit that Invisible took me a few listens initially, but that's because I was listening to it with shitty earphones on Spotify. The lossless audio comes alive! What a bloody tune. This one is a bit more modern; closer to Astronaut, All You Need Is Now and Paper Gods. Again, the melody is distinctly Duran Duran. This one, the first taster from the album, is also produced by Erol Alkan.

    And apparently, they've worked with Mark Ronson again on the album. The album is out on October 22, 2021 and features 12 songs:
    • Invisble
    • All Of You
    • Give It All Up (feat. Tove Lo)
    • Anniversary
    • Future Past
    • Beautiful Lies
    • Tonight United
    • Wing
    • Nothing Less
    • Hammerhead (feat. Ivorian Doll)
    • More Joy! (feat. Chai)
    • Falling (feat. Mike Garson)
  3. I love the new music. I like that it sounds modern. Unfortunately a lot their fan base doesn’t seem to like that and wants a more retro sound. It frustrates me that a lot of fans just want to hear the old hits and don’t really take an interest in new music.
    I am a fan of Chai, so it’s cool they are working together.
    I don’t really consider myself an 80s person. Duran Duran and Madonna are really the only 80s stars that I follow suoer closely these days. It’s not a coincidence that they both continue to make new modern sounding music.
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  4. I don’t think you’ll find much love for Duran Duran in the Pop & Justice forum.
    There’s another more active thread for Duran Duran in the Comeback Corner forum.
    I love the new songs by the way.
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  5. I have to be honest, I rarely look in the Comeback Corner. The vast majority of those artists aren’t of much interest to me. I mostly just look in the main forum. So I’m glad there’s a thread about them here.
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  7. Anniversary is very good too! This is shaping to be a brilliant album.
  8. Anniversary is SUCH a banger! Probably my favourite so far. Sounds like peak era Duran Duran!
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  10. The verses of these new songs are far better than the choruses. The middle 8 on Anniversary is amazing but somehow these choruses don't do as much for me as a typical Duran chorus does.

  11. Here is a live clip of another track from the new album.
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  12. Oh that sounds good!
  13. I feel like 'Rio' has become their 'Gold' as in it wasn't the bigger hit but has become more synonymous with them if that makes sense.
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  14. Not as good as the first 3 singles, but it sounds like a very good album track.
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