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Duran Duran - reissues

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by jsd, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. jsd


    I just got the 3CD version of "The Singles 81-85" and it has been completely remastered again. There's no comparison to the original box set of 13. The new one sounds miles better.

    I also just got Seven And The Ragged Tiger, and it sounds great as well.

    Can't wait for Arcadia... that definitely needs the deluxe treatment in a bad way.
  2. Oh!

    I didn't realise the "budget" jewelcase edition of the Singles 81-85 had been remastered....bought that a while back and haven't got around to it. Hopefully it's not been done by the same guy who did the newest reissues.

  3. jsd


    It sounds identical to the brand new Seven And The Ragged Tiger, which I think sounds great. I haven't heard the other ones yet. The 2CD "Rio" was a little disappointing. The Rio tracks on the new Singles set sound better.
  4. I still don't have any issues with the Duran re-issues!
  5. Oh bugger. I better give it a spin and then get rid of it sooner than later if I don't like the job they've done.

  6. jsd


    Hm, just got the first album reissue, and it sounds really weird and wrong compared to the 2003 version. Too heavy a touch with the ultramaximizer? It's really noticeable on Planet Earth, sounds like the whole song is being sidechain compressed off the kick. Compared to the 2003 version or the 2010 Singles 81-85 version it's a mess.

    Maybe I'll send them a note on Twitter and see if they reply.
  7. ^ That sounds very much like the descriptions fans have been giving on amazon; also, i checked the liner notes of the Singles 81-75 set and although it has indeed been freshly remastered, it was done by a different person to the one causing all the problems with these new releases!

  8. jsd


    The "Ragged Tiger" tracks that are also on Singles 81-85 sound identical. There are definite noticeable differences, however, between the Singles 81-85 tracks and their First Album/Rio counterparts. In the cases of Rio & the First Album, the 2003 reissues sound better, but of course don't have the plethora of bonus tracks/extras.

    I really really really hope they didn't fuck up the Arcadia reissue...
  9. It shouldn't be like this, should it!

    I saw the new deluxe vinyl format reissue of Ragged Tiger in a small indie store; 20 quid I think it was. Looked swish as anything, but that's a bit pricey!

  10. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I haven't seen all the Arcadia videos until now. Wow, they are all types of 80s awful. I love the old-school big box format of the reissue. Apparently it's in the Top 75 on midweeks! Will do better than Red Carpet Massacre at this rate.
    I know I'm jumping the gun already but Notorious and Big Thing are lined up for July! Does anyone know how many titles are getting rereleased? Imagine, Medazzaland may finally get a European release!
  11. I looked at the Arcadia set in HMV, and it really is full of wonderfully naff goodies. I'll need to check if the bonus tracks are buyable individually - I'd love the 7" edits and the soundtrack song, but I'm not flush enough to spend £13 for the pleasure.

    (In other news, I dug out my earlier copy of Ragged Tiger today, gave it a spin and was perfectly happy with how it sounded, so defintely no urgade required for me).

  12. Okay.....so I check Amazon MP3 for the Arcadia reissue and the ENTIRE DOUBLE DISC EDITION IS FOUR QUID.

    WHAT THE....???!!!!

    Is this just one of those errors?

  13. jsd


    You'd better go ahead and buy it so we can find out for sure... :)

    Unfortunately I can't buy mp3's from amazon UK as I'm in the States...
  14. Oh, I downloaded/bought it right away don't worry haha...and yes, it IS the whole Special Edition - 29 tracks, all 256-320 kps. For 3.99! Insane.

  15. jsd


    How's the remastering?
  16. I'm hoping to grab a listen tonight and find out. Will report back when I do!

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