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  1. Maybe they thought it would be another Ordinary World-type scenario. But that's overlooking the fact that the song wasn't in the same league, and by 2000 very few people cared about a new Duran single.
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  2. We head to No36 and another track from Future Past. From the deluxe edition this is the last track eligible for this list. I quite like this one it has grown on me

    Laughing Boy
    Score 89.90 Average 6.91 Highest Score 8.5 (JonBCN, RaggedTiger) Lowest Score 3 (Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 8 (Auntie Beryl, Eric Generic) 7.9 (Untouchable Ace) 7.5 (Epic Chocolat)
    7 (Letuinmybackdoor, Remorque, Simes1970) 6 (Blaahh, Unnameable) 5.5 (MylesAngel)
    Comments Include
    " One of the strongest songs on Future Past deluxe, probably too early to judge how strong." (Blaahh)
    " This song has some sounds in it that remind of Arcadia which is no bad thing. An excellent extra track to the new album which is a real grower." (RaggedTiger)
  3. Up next at 35 a track which is good enough but not a strong single

    Electric Barbarella
    Score 90.35 Average 6.95 Highest Score 9 (MylesAngel) Lowest Score 4 (JonBCN)
    Other Scores 8.5 (Unnameable) 8 (Blaahh, Remorque) 7.6 (Untouchable Ace) 7.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    7 (Hairycub1969) 6.5 (Letuinmybackdoor, Eric Generic) 6 (RaggedTiger, Simes1970)
    5.8 (Epic Chocolat)
    Comments Include
    "A song which copies the early 1981 Duran sound. Its okay. The video I'm not so keen. The late 90s were not great for Duran." (RaggedTiger)
    " A return to Girls On Film territory was quite successful but no one wanted Duran in Indie/Trance dominated times." (Blaahh)
  4. Electric Barbarella is a rather obvious and desperate attempt to rekindle some sort of early-DD kudos. But it sounds crap. That trance backing does the song no favours.
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  5. And finally for today at No34 although it has the same average as No35 it has a slightly higher score. This I did not like at all at the time. Not bad for an album track but thought it should never have been a single, over the last 30 odd years it has grown on me.

    Meet El Presidente
    Score 90/40 Average 6.95 Highest Score 8.6 (JonBCN) Lowest Score 5 (Letuinmybackdoor)
    Other Scores 8 (RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969, MylesAngel) 7.5 (Eric Generic) 7 (Unnameable)
    6.75 (Remorque) 6.6 (Epic Chocolat) 6.5 (Auntie Beryl) 6.4 (Untouchable Ace)
    6 (Blaah, Simes1970)

    Comments Include
    "Dreadful remix of a good album track, A Matter of Feeling or Proposition were far better single prospects, EMI were in a state of shock after Skin Trade’s failure and thought the General Election was a good reason to bring out a mild jibe at Maggie as a single. It wasn’t." (Blaahh)
    " Again, not a fan favourite and people feel there were better choices as a 3rd single from Notorious. Prefer the album version but I love the lyrics to this song." (RaggedTiger)
  6. Agree with all the comments about Presidente. I was staggered when it was chosen as the 3rd single. Although I was playing a April/May 1987 iTunes playlist recently and it actually fitted in quite well with what was around then.
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  7. Time to reveal No33-31 and I start with a rediscovery of sorts for me with this track.A lot stronger than I remember it from the time. Great track.

    Out Of My Mind
    Score 91.70 Average 7.05 Highest Score 10 (Untouchable Ace) Lowest Score 4 (JonBCN)
    Other Scores 9 (Blaahh) 8 (MylesAngel, Remorque) 7.7 (Epic Chocolat) 7 (RaggedTiger, Eric Generic, Simes1970) 6.5 (Auntie Beryl, Unnameable) 6 (Hairycub1969) 5 (Letuinmybackdoor)

    Comments Include
    "Never given the acclaim it deserves, very clever and moving track, well remixed by by Paul Oakenfold" (Blaahh)
    " Another forgotten single which is so much better than I remember. Just not from a great period for Duran." (RaggedTiger)
  8. Moving onto no32, and for me this was not the single to lead with, It's not too bad but neither is it memorable.

    Violence Of Summer
    Score 92.95 Average 7.15 Highest Score 9 (Blaahh,RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969) Lowest Score 4.7 (Epic Chocolat)
    Other Scores 8 (Eric Generic, Unnameable) 7.75 (Remorque) 7.2 (JonBCN) 7 (MylesAngel)
    6 (Auntie Beryl, Letuinmybackdoor, Simes1970) 5.3 (Untouchable Ace)

    Comments Include
    "Duran trying to be a proper POP band again as a 5 piece. Again, I know some fans hate this single but I love it. The first single Duran released after I became a massive fan so will always be special to me." (RaggedTiger)
    "Smash Hits were right – sounds like early Squeeze – still a cracking single" (Hairycub1969)
    "Still polarising, a really strange single which defies categorisation. At heart, great piece of underrated pop." (Blaahh)
  9. Violence gets a kicking by most people, but I low-key like it. Reminds me of that hot late summer of 1990, hearing it in Our Price along with Heart Like A Wheel and Thieves In The Temple.
  10. Paper Gods is our next stop off at No31. This has grown on me in time. Wasn't too keen on first listen, but now I do think it's a pretty good track.

    Last Night In The City
    Score 93.55 Average 7.19 Highest Score 10 (Unnameable) Lowest Score 3.5 (JonBCN)
    Other Scores 9.6 (Untouchable Ace) 9 (Letuinmybackdoor, MylesAngel) 8.7 (Epic Chocolat)
    8.25 (Remorque) 7.5 (RaggedTiger) 7 (Simes1970) 6 (Eric Generic) 5 (Blaahh, Auntie Beryl, Hairycub1969)

    Comments Include
    " it’s actually grown on me over the years, but still a very clunky dance track of the type Duran have considered to be bangerz since 1990." (Blaahh)
    "Duran fans seem to hate this single as they saw it as Duran trying to sound too modern at the time. It’s a great hi-energy song that in a non download/streaming era should/would have been a hit." (RaggedTiger)
  11. Last Night... is wholly unremarkable. Bad generic, not good generic like me.
  12. I love Last night in the city. I love the little tribute to the band 'Big world with my brothers'. It's hook laden. I can get why people see it as Duran dressing up in generic dance clothing but it worked for me.
  13. I love "Violence of summer" and it's a shame that it's left the rate already!
  14. Into the Top 30 we go with the first track to fall from Duran Duran or The Wedding Album as it was called. I have to say I really like this track, certainly very rock based but none thw worse for it.

    Too Much Information
    Score 94 Average 7.23 Highest Score 10 (Simes1970) Lowest Score 6 (Letuinmybackdoor, JonBCN, Hairycub1969, Unnameable)
    Other Scores 8.5 (Eric Generic) 8 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger) 7.8 (Epic Chocolat) 7.5 (MylesAngel)
    7.2 (Untouchable Ace) 6.5 (Auntie Beryl, Remorque)

    Comments Include
    "Brash indie rock wasn’t really Duran but it has a Inxs type charm." (Blaahh)
    "Loved this song at the time and was gutted and surprised it stalled at no.35. Not necessarily a classic single but a great opening track to the Wedding Album." (RaggedTiger)
  15. At 29 we go back to the first album and a track that I didn;t hear alot at the time. I do like this but it's not as strong as the single before and after.

    Careless Memories
    Score 94.20 Average 7.24 Highest Score 10 (RaggedTiger) Lowest Score 5 (Hairycub1969)
    Other Scores 9 (JonBCN) 8.5 (MylesAngel) 8 (Letuinmybackdoor) 7.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    7.2 (Untouchable Ace) 7 (Blaahh, Eric Generic, Remorque, Simes1970) 6.5 (Unnameable)
    5.5 (Epic Chocolat)
    Comments Include
    " Terrible second single. I’ve never warmed to it! I was never surprised that it only managed a #37 peak in the UK! Stuttering keyboard intro with more tin drumming, economic use of guitar again!
    Key lyric for me: “Look out, look out, look out…..” (Hairycub1969)
    "A rockier follow up to their debut which their new romantic fans were obviously put off by to buy. Again another song which sounds amazing live." (RaggedTiger)
    "On an album which had Anyone Out There and Friends Of Mine, why EMI thought this rock edged song was an appropriate follow up, heaven only knows. Good song but not a single." (Blaahh)
  16. At 28 another I don't really remember from the time, it's nice enough without really going anywhere

    What Happens Tomorrow
    Score 95 Average 7.30 Highest Score 10 (Untouchable Ace) Lowest Score 4 (JonBCN)
    Other Scores 9 ( Eric Generic, Remorque) 8.5 (MylesAngel) 8 (RaggedTiger, Epic Chocolat)
    7 (Letuinmybackdoor, Unnameable, Simes1970) 6.5 (Auntie Beryl) 6 (Blaahh) 5 (Hairycub1969)

    Comments Include
    "Dreary then and now, Nice was the 10 killer promo single from Astronaut." (Blaahh)
    " A great forgotten single by Duran." (RaggedTiger)
  17. Oh! I rather liked this at the time. It got quite a bit of play on the UK music channels.
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  18. Glad to see my key lyrics in the commentary! I put some in for all the 80s singles!
  19. This is actually going swimmingly?

    Justice though for Electric Barbarella and What Happens Tomorrow, because somewhere I've got a soft spot in my heart for both.
  20. Time for No27, I may have slightly underscored this as listening back it's stronger than I remember. And we lose our first 12.

    Falling Down
    Score 95.70 Average 7.36 Highest Score 12 (Untouchable Ace) Lowest Score 3 (JonBCN)
    Other Scores 9 (Remorque) 8.2 (Epic Chocolat) 8 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger, MylesAngel)
    7.5 (Eric Generic) 7 (Auntie Beryl, Unnameable) 6 (Letuinmybackdoor, Hairycub1969, Simes1970)

    Comments Include
    "Only slightly less dreary than Someone Else Not Me. The start of Duran chasing hits, as Timberlake’s contribution is aurally non existent." (Blaahh)
    "A song where I feel the single version is not as good as the album version. I was one of the few that liked this at the time. I don't think radio or others did much." (RaggedTiger)
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