26 finds us back at Duran's latest offering Future Past. This I love particularly the video which I think is great.

Score 95.85 Average 7.37 Highest Score 9.1 (Untouchable Ace) Lowest Score 4 (Hairycub1969)
Other Scores 9 (Simes1970) 8.5 (RaggedTiger, MylesAngel) 8 (Auntie Beryl, Letuinmybackdoor)
7.75 (Remorque) 7.6 (JonBCN) 7 (Blaah, Unnameable) 6.4 (Epic Chocolat) 5 (Eric Generic)

Comments Include
"Grown on me since the album was released. Always feel like Simon's voice is having to strain to hard on the chorus to be truly magnificent." (RaggedTiger)
"Probably too derivative of past classics and certainly shallow but reawakened interest in the band." (Blaahh)
And coming up at 25, a track for me that was not bad as one on an album but no where near strong enough for a single.

Do You Believe In Shame
Score 96.90 Average 7.45 Highest Score 10 (Auntie Beryl, Eric Generic) Lowest Score 5 (Hairycub1969, Simes1970)
Other Scores 9.2 (JonBCN) 9 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger) 7.9 (Untouchable Ace) 7.5 (Unnameable)
7 (Remorque) 6 (Letuinmybackdoor, MylesAngel) 5.3 (Epic Chocolat)

Comments Include
" Not an obvious single but I am glad it was. Not something that is going to grab someone straight off but is a beautiful song about a departed friend." (RaggedTiger)
" Very moving track, which still reveals depth even now. Not a single though (10/10 as a song) and marked the end of the era." (Blaahh)
At 24, we head to Paper Gods and what I feel is one of the bands strongest tracks from their later years.

What Are The Chances
Score 97.90 Average 7.53 Highest Score 10 (Simes1970) Lowest Score 5 (Hairycub1969, Unnameable)
Other Scores 9.1 (Untouchable Ace) 9 (Eric Generic) 8.5 (JonBCN, MylesAngel) 8 (Blaahh)
7.5 (Auntie Beryl, Remorque) 7.3 (Epic Chocolat) 6.5 (RaggedTiger) 6 (Letuinmybackdoor)

Comments Include
" The only song on Paper Gods for me which was classic Duran, very ignored." (Blaahh)
"I just find this tries to be hard to be a big ballad but is just a bit empty in meaning to me that it doesn't do a lot for me." (RaggedTiger)
23 from their latest album Future Past, I remember hearing this and trying to make up my mind if it was early Duran or more like Notorious with a funk edge. It seems to be a mixture between the two, which is no bad thing,

Score 102.40 Average 7.87 Highest Score 9 (RaggedTiger, Eric Generic, Remorque, Simes1970)
Lowest Score 5 (Blaahh, Hairycub1969)
Other Scores 8.9 (Untouchable Ace) 8.5 (Auntie Beryl) 8 (Letuinmybackdoor, Epic Chocolat, MylesAngel)
7.5 (JonBCN, Unnameable)

Comments Include
" A weird song but it just grew and grew on me on release" (RaggedTiger)
" Odd lead off single but certainly a move into different area musically." (Blaahh)
22 a funky Duran single which has grown on me over the years.

Pressure Off (Featuring Janae Monae & Nile Rodgers)
Score 102.70 Average 7.9 Highest Score 10 (Letuinmybackdoor, Untouchable Ace)
Lowest Score 4 (Hairycub1969)
Other Scores 9.2 (Epic Chocolat) 9 (RaggedTiger, MylesAngel, Remorque) 8.5 (Eric Generic)
8 (Unnameable, Simes1970) 7 (Auntie Beryl) 6 (Blaahh) 5 (JonBCN)

Comments Include
" Facile, again the hope that Nile’s presence would be the stardust that would lead to a hit. It’s catchy is the best I can say." (Blaahh)
"When I first heard this I was sure it was going to be a massive chart hit. For some reason the label made a video for it 3 months after the single was already dead at radio which didn't help." (RaggedTiger)
And falling just short of the Top 20 at 21 comes a track that I don't remember at all but when doing this rate have found it to be a great catchy track.

All You Need Is Now
Score 102.95 Average 7.91 Highest Score 10 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 4 (Hairycub1969)
Other Scores 9.5 (RaggedTiger) 9.3 (Untouchable Ace) 9 (Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor)
8.4 (Untouchable Ace) 8 (Auntie Beryl, Simes1970) 7.5 (JonBCN) 7.25 (Remorque)
6.5 (MylesAngel, Unnameable)

Comments Include
" I know some don't like the intro sound on this track but I love the constrast with the sound of the verses against the beautifully melodic chorus. For me it just works." (RaggedTiger)
"Great banner single off the last great album, strong verse, cracking chorus, only beaten by the follow up single, the electric Girl Panic!" (Blaahh)
Into the Top 20 we go with a track that the band re-recorded for the Rio album, not being happy with the single mix. For me I have always preferred this version, the single.

My Own Way
Score 104.25 Average 8.01 Highest Score 10 (MylesAngel) Lowest Score 6 (Blaahh)
Other Scores 9.5 (RaggedTiger) 9 (Hairycub1969) 8.7 (Untouchable Ace) 8.5 (JonBCN)
8 (Simes1970) 7.8 (Epic Chocolat) 7.5 (Auntie Beryl, Eric Generic, Unnameable) 7.25 (Remorque)
7 (Letuinmybackdoor)

Comments Include
" Probably under pressure to deliver a new single, the band rushed out this rather insubstantial track, far better in its beefier rocked up album version." (Blaahh)
"I think my preferred version is probably the Kershenbaum version on the b-side to RIO 12". Not quite as great as the other RIO singles but still a forgotten classic." (RaggedTiger)
"I love the disco synth strings on the single version. The album version is terrible and ruins the whole “Rio” album for me. Whoever thought it was a good idea to re-record a slowed down “rock” version imho killed the song!
Key lyric for me: “April showers get out of my way”" (Hiarycub1969)
We come into the noughties for no19, and the original band were back together briefly and put out a brilliant single in my opinion.

Reach Up For The Sunrise
Score 104.90 Average 8.06 Highest Score 10 (Remorque) Lowest Score 5 (JonBCN)
Other Scores 9.9 (Untouchable Ace) 9.5 (Eric Generic) 9 (Letuinmybackdoor, MylesAngel, Simes1970)
8 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger) 7 (Auntie Beryl, Hairycub1969, Epic Chocolat) 6.5 (Unnameable)

Comments Include
" At the time, it just felt so exciting to have 5 back again after 19 years. The Jason Nevans remix is probably more superior. A decent comeback but not outstanding" (RaggedTiger)
"At reunion time I loved it but time seems to have changed my opinion to one that’s it’s an insubstantial Hungry Like The Wolf retread." (Blaahh)
Onto No 18 and I am glad to see this as high, I always felt it would have been a better laad single for Liberty followed by Violence Of Summer, but for this to be the first Duran not to go Top 40 is a travesty.

Score 107.40 Average 8.26 Highest Score 10 (Blaahh, Auntie Beryl, Eric Generic, Simes 1970)
Lowest Score 5.3 (Epic Chocolat)
Other Scores 9.5 (RaggedTiger) 9 (Remorque) 8.5 (JonBCN) 8.1 (Untouchable Ace) 7 (Letuinmybackdoor, MylesAngel, Unnameable) 6 (Hairycub1969)

Comments Include
"Brilliant piece of power trio rock that was so not on 1990 trend, unfortunately it was bound to fail." (Blaahh)
" Single that should've been a hit. So underrated. I don't actually remember seeing Duran on UK TV at all for this song" (RaggedTiger)
At 17 we head back to 1983 and a track that I think is a very strong one, but the video on the other hand I don't really "get" of that makes sense. It's actually a very sing a long song especially around the chorus.

Union Of The Snake
Score 109.75 Average 8.44 Highest Score 11 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 7 (Auntie Beryl, Letuinmybackdoor, Hairycub1969)
Other Scores
10 (Simes1970) 9.5 (MylesAngel) 9 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger) 8.75 (Remorque) 8.6 (JonBCN)
8.2 (Untouchable Ace) 7.5 (Unnameable) 7.2 (Epic Chocolat)

Comments Include
"The big comeback single after a six-month break! Nile Rodgers is on production duties after producing David Bowie (Let’s Dance) and INXS (“Original sin”) – next stop Madonna (“Like a virgin”) – this single does sound like something left on the cutting room floor of the “Let’s Dance” sessions – sorry!
Key lyric: “Oh Oh Oh’s” leading into the chorus!" (Hairycub1969)
" The band were expecting a follow-up no.1 with this but it just didn't click with the public. I guess the song isn't exactly direct. I assume its about Simon's snake being on the climb." (RaggedTiger)
"Let’s Dance anyone? First single from the troubled SATRT album, probably the best lead off single, a tough dance track but surprisingly didn’t fly off the shelves." (Blaahh)
Onto 16 and this way vying for my 12, supremely catchy and you cannot help sing with this one

New Moon On Monday
Score 110.10 Average 8.46 Highest Score 11 (Simes1970) Lowest Score 6 (Hairycub1969)
Other Scores 10 (Blaahh, MylesAngel, Eric Generic, Remorque) 9.5 (RaggedTiger) 8.4 (JonBCN)
7.7 (Untouchable Ace) 7 (Auntie Beryl, Letuinmybackdoor, Epic Chocolat) 6.5 (Unnameable)

Comments Include
"Massively underrated and the best song on SATRT, a very surprising relatively poor chart position, but another glorious soaring Duran chorus" (Blaahh)
" Its all about the chorus with this song and what a chorus. A great fanboy 80s video with the boys dancing the end. The band are embarrassed by the dancing but I love it." (RaggedTiger)
"This didn’t so much for me in Jan 1984 – and still doesn’t now - Sorry!
Key lyric for me: “Maybe I can catch a ride” (Hairycub1969)