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  1. The Wild Boys falls just short of the top ten. I wasn't expecting it. I am so glad that Skin Trade has finally got its top 10 justice after 35 years.
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  2. At 12 it's film soundtrack and the last time the original 5 released a single for nearly 20 years. A very good track catchy to the point of it worming it's way into your head and staying there. Time to lose a 12.

    A View To A Kill
    Score 117.30 Average 9.02 Highest Score 12 (Remorque) Lowest Score 5.5 (Epic Chocolat)
    Other Scores 10 (RaggedTiger, MylesAngel, Unnameable, Simes1970) 9.5 (Eric Generic)
    9 (Blaahh, Hairycub1969) 8.8 (Untouchable Ace) 8 (Letuinmybackdoot, JonBCN) 7.5 (Auntie Beryl)

    Comments Include
    "Everything you want in a Bond Theme – dramatic intro, crashing drums, keyboard sharp stabs…the last single to feature the original line up (until the re-formation in 2004) – the rhythm section does sound like the Power Station though! But still a great single that got stuck behind “19” at Number Two back in May 1985 in the UK! Damn that “bum” note at Live Aid!
    Key lyric: “Behind the shades, assassination’s standing still”" (Hairycub1969)
    "Probably one of the best 007 Bond themes" (RaggedTiger)
    "A great Bond theme only let down by a similarly leaden production to The Wild Boys." (Blaahh)
  3. Just failing to maqke the Top 10 at 11 we have a track which I like but funnily enough it's possibly one of my least favourite early Duran songs but saying that it is worthy of my score given.

    Score 117.40 Average 9.03 Highest Score 10 (Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor, RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969, MylesAngel, Remorque, Unnameable) Lowest Score 4.8 (Epic Chocolat)
    Other Scores 9.1 (Untouchable Ace) 9 (Auntie Beryl, Eric Generic) 8 (Simes1970) 7.5 (JonBCN)

    Comments Include
    "The video that will follow Duran to their grave, I really find it still quite experimental and JTs bassline with the sax duet in the middle, musomusicality from young boys." (Blaahh)
    "A song were the video overshadows how great the song actually is." (RaggedTiger)
    "Another great video and single that has 1982 written all over it. This was rubbing shoulders in the Top Ten with The Human League, Wham!, Blancmange, Tears For Fears and A Flock of Seagulls…Good times! There’s a lovely sax break in the middle too!
    Key lyric: "With a step to your left and a flick to the right you catch that mirror way out west" (Hairycub1969)
  4. WHAT?!!! RIO ISN'T TOP 5?!!!!
  5. Haha, no I meant the CD single succumbed to disk rot. My first.
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  6. Wild Boys was exactly the record they needed to make at that time. It's a bit OTT these days, but still strong.

    The Bond Theme has grown on me ...in 85 I thought it was a rather slight song, but it's got everything...the mix between Power Station and Arcadia...shame that the 5-piece didn't go on to make Notorious together.

    Rio used to be my least fave DD single from the imperial phase, but I've changed my mind.
  7. Rio was really close to the Top 10 infact between 12 and 9 only 0.6 separates those 4 tracks
  8. It's become their 'final song' of their live shows so I assumed everyone thought it was iconic which it is. I feel they have a few better songs but this just feels the most 'Duran'.
  9. Wow surprising 11-15 to be honest, most would have been top 10 for me.

    I love Raw and Be Free With Your Love, surprised both didnt go top 40 and the band pushed Raw hard on Radio One, I remember them at a roadshow. Rest of Heart Like A Sky was pretty meh and five years out of time.
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  10. Agreed. I thought that would def by top 3. Its probably one of the most famous Duran songs.
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  11. I expected Wild Boys to go Top 10, but I'm glad it didn't, although it got 9.5 from me. I think that Rio and
    View To A Kill deserved to be there from what's left.

    There's a clear Top 5 for me, so I'm very interested to see what happens next.
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  12. Working out I guess our final 10 are;
    Planet Earth
    Girls On Film
    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Save A Prayer
    Is There Something I Should Know?
    The Reflex
    Skin Trade
    Ordinary World
    Come Undone

    Not sure I would have guess all of those being in the final top 10. Really surprised both my 11 and 12 have made the top 10. I think one of their no.1s may steal the crown now. Chuffed for Skin Trade making it this far.
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  13. I was working out the Top 10 left, but didn't know if I should post about it. Planet Earth's done really well, nice to see that make the final ten.

    Basically, what a list.
  14. Yep, I'd almost be happy with those in any order in the final top 10.

    I didn't realise Come Undone was so loved. Vaguely remember Smash Hits giving it a 2 out of 5 in their singles review page so suddenly worried the dumper beckoned for them again after their big comeback single.
  15. It ain’t loved by me (any more), the one surprise for me given the strength of 11 to 15.
  16. Into the Top 10 we go and a song that grew on me. I wasn't sure what to think when I first heard it but a few listens and you cannot shake it.

    Come Undone
    Score 118.00 Average 9.07 Highest Score 11 (Epic Chocolat) Lowest Score 6.5 (Unnamebale)
    Other Scores 10 (MylesAngel, Eric Generic, Remorque, Simes1970) 9.8 (JonBCN)
    9.5 (Auntie Beryl) 9 (RaggedTiger) 8.2 (Untouchable Ace) 8(Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor, Hairycub1969)

    Comments Include
    " Using the SIIS drum loop in 1993 was a bit passé but it was a pleasant enough song, though not particularly a favourite of mine these days."
    " A nice ballad which I do like but don't love as much as some. Always enjoy it more than I think I will when it comes on though." (RaggedTiger)
    " I like how it differs from the previous single. The unplugged version with the late Lamya, so good." (Epic Chocolat)
  17. Number 9 and I am really glad to find that this has made the Top 10. Just superb. Time to lose a few 12's

    Skin Trade
    Score 118.10 Average 9.08 Highest Score 12 (Blaahh, Hairycub1969, Simes1970)
    Lowest Score 5.6 (Unyouchable Ace)
    Other Scores 10 (RaggedTiger, Eric Generic) 9.5 (JonBCN) 9 (Unnameable Ace) 8.5 (Remorque)
    8 (Letuinmybackdoor) 7.5 (MylesAngel) 7 (Auntie Beryl, Epic Chocolat)

    Comments Include
    The best single for me! Simon Le Bon had been listening to Prince’s “Kiss” by the sound of the vocals. The arrangement is just bliss – it has a slow, steady, swagger to it – keyboards, guitar, bass and drums are in synch with each other and then we get that trumpet solo…and the lyrics are abstract as ever and a bit delicate for 2022’s ears? How did this limp to just a 22 peak in the UK Chart?!
    Key lyric: “So cool to get angry at the weekend and then go back to school”" (Hairycub1969)
    " I was shocked to read recently this song was (for a week) the most played song on radio in 1987 on release. Clearly people really were not interest. I guess 87/88 was a pure pop era and Duran were doing something a bit more mature for the publics tastes" (RaggedTiger)
    "My world fell apart at the 25-24-22 Uk chart climb, an absolute genius Prince like piece of work, best in the album version and top of the Radio 1 airplay charts for a week. Still vastly underrated and the greatest chorus ever written." (Blaahh)
  18. Come Undone has overperformed. Skin Trade should have been top 5 on this.

    Remember, the month it flopped at #22, we had Levis 501 oldies at #1 and #2. And a lot of other junk in the top 20.
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  19. Agreed. For me Come Undone isn't better than Rio or A View To A Kill, but that's what makes rates fun. The element of surprise.

    Baffling why Skin Trade flopped when it good radio support. Maybe, no longer being a new band, losing 2 of your members is all it takes to out people off, no matter how good the song.
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  20. It doesn't have to be this way
    It doesn't have to be like that
    It didn't matter
    as there was some good stuff in the UK Top 40 at the time as well!
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