Gutted to see my 12 pointer fall at Number 9 - "Skin Trade" is what Duran Duran would have sounded like if Prince had produced them!
I think it's an amazing song but it's done better than I thought it might do. Even though Duran claim they love it, they rarely ever play it live (heard it once in the last 20 years live) so maybe isn't as a familiar single to some as it should be partly for that reason. They should play at as one of their classics.
Agreed. For me Come Undone isn't better than Rio or A View To A Kill, but that's what makes rates fun. The element of surprise.

Baffling why Skin Trade flopped when it good radio support. Maybe, no longer being a new band, losing 2 of your members is all it takes to out people off, no matter how good the song.
The writing was on the wall with the album spending one week in the top 50, Duran were chucked unceremoniously out of favour.
1 week in the top 50!!! Jesus! That is awful. The fans really had ditched them big time. I didn't become a massive fan until the glory years of Liberty so missed that. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how fickle pop fans are. It's only a few that stick with their band regardless.
Just checked. New entry 16 at then down to 53. That is bad for such a big (expensive album) come back.
Spandau through the barricades album was released the week before and was a new entry at 7 and at least hung around the top 20 for 3 weeks.​
Bloody hell!

It must have recovered very slightly, as it racked up about 16 weeks on the top 100. But I didn't realise it was THAT bad.
There seemed a HUGE gap between Duran eras which in reality was literally barely any time. Album wise it was 3 years between '7...' and 'Notorious' but with 'Wild boys', 'Arena', 'View to a kill' and Arcadia/Power station in between. But in teen years I guess it was massive and their audience grew up/moved on during that time.
Blame it on a-ha...

I am reading Dylan Jones 'The Eighties' book which makes the unsubtle and much argued point that the world pivoted on 13th July 1985, for which there is a lot of evidence that U2 and stadium bands took precedent over pop. I think there were more reasons for DD/Spandau/HoJo/Nik downfall etc but it was probably a major factor. Notorious is a better album than Seven (imho) but it took too long to come out.
I'm just shocked at how much the Notorious bombed in the UK. To drop to no.53 in its 2nd week and then to no.75 (i think) its 3rd week and just hover around that mark for a few more. Basically means it sold nothing after such massive success. After the gap and losing 2 members and a top ten hit, i still would have expected the album to go top 10 and maybe hang around in the the top 20 for a few months before dropping off. To just dive off the edge of a cliff like that is quite a surprise. I have a feeling Notorious was the most expensive album of theirs to make up until that point so the band and label must have been gutted.

Even Through the Barricades hung around the top 30 for around 2 months, which is way better. I assumed Duran would have been more popular than this at the time.
I'm just stunned I didn't notice this in 86. I bought the bloody album and read Record Mirror religiously!

Bear in mind though, it was almost Christmas and the charts behave weirdly...especially the album market. I noticed Get Close plunging after only 7 weeks (it would go on to do much better) and Infected by The The dropped 34-68 the same week as DD went 16-53. Infected also rebounded in early 87.
Here we go with the Top 8 and there are no losers as every track is excellent in my view. Up first some early Duran and I did expect this to be Top 5.

Girls On Film
Score 121.40 Average 9.33 Highest Score 11 (Untouchable Ace) Lowest Score 5.7 (Epic Chocolat)
Other Scores 10 (Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor, RaggedTiger, Eric Generic, Remorque, Simes1970)
9.5 (MylesAngel, Unnameable) 9 (Auntie Beryl) 8.7 (JonBCN) 8 (Hairycub1969)

Comments Include
" A great soundtrack to that video... only joking, probably the song that will follow Duran to their grave. My preferred version was the 1989 live house styled rearrangement, may well have given them a surprise hit that year." (Blaahh)
"A song were the 12" version is probably as good if not better than 7"/album version." (RaggedTiger)
"I’ve never liked the video – however, good single and should have been their second single! For me the best track on their debut album! Love the camera clicking intro! Key lyric for me: “Wider baby smiling you’ve just made a million” (Hairycub1969)
How about a funky track at no7. This took a few listens to grab my attention but once it did, boy, what a single
Time to say goodbye to anotther 12

Score 121.60 Average 9.35 Highest Score 12 (Epic Chocolat) Lowest Score 7.5 (Auntie Beryl)
Other Scores 10 (RaggedTiger, Eric Generic) 9.6 (Untouchable Ace) 9.5 (Unnameable, JonBCN)
9 (Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor, Hairycub1969, MylesAngel, Simes1970) 8.5 (Remorque)

Comments Include
" Nile Rodgers' finest. My favorite part is the gasp. Twitter informs me background singer Tessa Niles came up with it, amazing. Second favorite part, when Simon says: "Bam!" (Epic Chocolat)
"-A Nile Rodgers Funk return in 1986. 2 Taylor's down. Most fans had moved on to A-ha but and weren't as keen on the suited Duran's new single and album. Shame as its one of their finest." (RaggedTiger)
"Such a change of style from the slimdowned three plus Nile, slick piece of catchy funk but probably overplayed live these days and not in step with where pop was going in late 1986." (Blaahh)
Their first single after an 18-month break and now down to 3 of the original five members. A more adult Rock/Pop funky sound. I loved it and it’s a shame that this single only peaked at 7 in the UK. There’s a great dance routine to it in the film “Donnie Darko”!
Key lyric: “Don’t monkey with my business” (Hairycub1969)