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  1. I thought the same about my fave line "Don't monkey with my business"
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  2. Could be. I only know Simon wrote We Need You (which ended up being the b-side to Skin Trade) as a song about Andy hoping he'd return and a few lyrics in Notorious are him being pissed off with Andy for letting them down. The bandit reference being a nod to Andy and his attire at the time in power station.
  3. Top 6 time and what a way to start a career, just pure pop excellence. Time for another 2 12s to fall

    Planet Earth
    Score 123.00 Average 9.46 Highest Score 12 (Auntie Beryl, RaggedTiger)
    Lowest Score 8 (Hairycub1969, Epic Chocolat, Remorque)
    Other Scores 10 (Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor, Untouchable Ace, Simes1970) 9.5 (Eric Generic)
    8.5 (JonBCN, MylesAngel, Unnameable)

    Comments Include
    " Best debut single ever? From the beginning, aggressive, hungry and soaring, Spandau had been challenged and Birmingham vs. London was on (for 15 minutes)." (Blaahh)

    "Where it all began. A song which sounds just as good live as it does on record. Never fails to get the hairs on the back of my neck going." (RaggedTiger)

    "Great debut single. Yes, the intro is very Japan’s “Quiet Life”, who must have been fuming when this glided into the Top 40 to peak at #12 in the UK! This has the classic New Romantic sound – keyboards to the fore, economic guitar work, tin drumming and disco bass!
    Key lyric for me: “Like some new romantic looking for the tv sound” – MTV is on its way – just give it five months!" (Hairycub1969)

    "Fantastic way to start their discography, but they'd go on to better this kind of sound in the future" (Remorque)
  4. Into the Top 5 and the track that signified to me that I was a big Duran Fan. Much like Depeche Mode I'd bought all the singles up to this point without counting myself as a fan but this all changed that. And it's time for another 12 to drop

    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Score 123.30 Average 9.48 Highest Score 12 (MylesAngel) Lowest Score 6 (JonBCN)
    Other Scores 10 (Blaahh, Letuinmybackdoor, RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969, Eric Generic, Unnameable, Simes1970) 9.6 (Untouchable Ace) 9 (Remorque) 8.5 (Auntie Beryl) 8.2 (Epic Chocolat)

    Comments Include
    "This is the point where they move from New Romantic into New Pop – great video and the single which broke them in the USA! The sound is much fuller and richer than anything on their debut album. A big leap forward.
    Key lyric for me: “Do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo”" (Hairycub1969)

    "Perfect. Like most of the Rio singles. It showcases any Duran member at their peak which is the reason these songs tend to be the most loved." (RaggedTiger)

    "The one that broke America.." (Blaahh)
  5. So that leaves us Save A Prayer. Is There Something I Should Know? , The Reflex and Ordinary World. What I can say is the No1 changed positions right on the last vote.
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  6. Can't argue with any of that top 4 winning really.
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  7. Genuinely surprised to see Something I Should Know beat some of the Rio singles.
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  8. I ditto that. Most hardcore fans don’t care for the song. However I do.
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  9. Is there something I should bop is amazing though.
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  10. Hungry Like The Wolf's always been my fave. Here's my commentary -
    A New Romantic/synth rock hybrid bristling with kinetic energy. Simon's vocals are insistent, relentless and erotically charged. The guitar is like a prowling lycanthrope (that's a werewolf), searching for its next victim/conquest; the synths bubbling and rippling underneath. Captivating and thrilling.

    My key lyric is - 'all of them.'

    I would like an Ordinary World, Reflex and Rio Top 3 (listed alphabetically)
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  11. Same here.
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  12. Happy and surprised my 12 (planet earth) made it a six. About ten places higher than expected. My 11 is still hanging in there.

    I thought Rio or Hungry might win the rate so I was clearly wrong. I didn't expect The Reflex or ITSISK? to get this far either.
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  13. Time for the Top 4 and 2 reveals on the way. At No4 is one of the bands No1 singles, but what falls first? For me this was immediate, first time I heard the song I had to get out and buy it that week.

    The Reflex
    Score 123.50 Average 9.50 Highest Score 11 (Letuinmybackdoor) Lowest Score 7.2 (Untouchable Ace)
    Other Scores 10 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969, MylesAngel, Eric Generic, Remorque, Simes1970)
    9 (Epic Chocolat, Unnameable) 8.8 (JonBCN) 8.5 (Auntie Beryl)

    Comments Include
    "The Nile Rodgers remix that showed the world how to remix a chart hit, unfortunately somewhat dominated then and now by the Frankie and Wham! tinted view of 1984." (Blaahh)

    "Capitol want Save A Prayer released instead as this was deemed as too black for US radio atm. How wrong they were. Great 80s performance video to match." (RaggedTiger)

    "This was the single that made me fall in love with Duran Duran after not being impressed with the previous two singles. It’s also the single that all my sibings liked as well. There’s something for everyone in the single mix – great synths, funky bass and crackling drums and the s-s-s-s-s-struttering vocals. Let’s not forget the Toronto crowd dancing like it’s the 80’s in the Music Video – great stuff!
    Key lyric: “I sold the Renoir and TV set, Don’t want to be around when this gets out”" (Hairycub1969)
  14. Oh. I assumed this was dead cert for the winner.
  15. It's like buses two number ones in a row. Very catchy this and worthy of the No1 spot.

    Is There Something I Should Know
    Score 123.90 Average 9.53 Highest Score 12 (Letuinmybackdoor) Lowest Score 7 (Epic Chocolat)
    Other Scores 10 (Blaahh, RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969, Eric Generic, Remorque, Simes1970)
    9.7 (Untouchable Ace) 9.5 (Auntie Beryl, MylesAngel) 8.5 (Unnameable) 7.7 (JonBCN)

    Comments Include
    "Their first UK Number One single and beating David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” to it (although he did topple them after two weeks!) – I have always found it funny that both singles pay homage to The Beatles. The intro to “Let’s Dance” nods to “Twist and shout”, whereas “Please, Please tell me now” nods to “Please Please me”…and of course my fave lyric of the 80’s!
    Key lyric for me: “Don't say you're easy on me you're about as easy as a nuclear war” - so 80's it hurts so good!" (Hairycub1969)

    "You can hear the Beatles influence and to top it off the band carried this on in their matching shirt tie combos in the video. Love the harmonica break when then flows in to the final chorus ending." (RaggedTiger)

    " the imperial phase commenceth! Effortless catchy pop, continuing the Rio groove, now mostly forgotten live by the band sadly." (Blaahh)
  16. Yeah with the 4 we knew that were left, I did think this would be the outright winner. Think my money may now be going on Ordinary World.
  17. So it's the two ballads left Ordinary World and Save A Prayer but which one got pipped at the post? Find out tomorrow.
  18. Is There Something was peak Duran. Everything was just spot-on.

    Brand new song.
    Perfect image.
    In at #1
    Great video.

    I thought they would continue like this for a while. But they saw the Mad Max films.
  19. I knew a Duran rate would be unpredictable and fun as they have so many classics but not an outright obvious one that every one knows and loves and gets played to death on commercial radio.

    Wouldn't have guessed the final 2 right, although I love both dearly.
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  20. Before the reveal tomorrow I would like to thank Blaahh, Auntie Beryl, Letuinmybackdoor, JonBCN, RaggedTiger, Hairycub1969, Epic Chocolat, Untouchable Ace, MylesAngel, Eric Generic, Remorque and Unnnameable for taking part in this Duran rate, It has been a pleasure and I hope to see some, if not all of you when I next do a rate for OMD Official UK Singles Rate 1979-2019.
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