Violence Of Summer
Entered Chart 04-08-90 23-20-32-54 Weeks On Chart 4 Highest Position 20

Duran return with the first single from Liberty which within itself is not a bad album, by now the chart positions were on the wain and this although OK wouldn't halt that slide.

Entered Chart 17-11-90 51-48-72 Weeks On Chart 3 Highest Position 48

The first single from the band that failed to at least go Top 40 and it is a travesty as Serious is one of the bands best singles in my opinion. Would it have been better for this to be the lead single? For me yes. Far superior to Violence Of Summer.

White Lines (Don't Do It)
Entered Chart 17-06-95 25-27-17-26-48 Weeks On Chart 5 Highest Position 17
The less said about this cover the better for me. It's one Duran Single I really do not like; This seems to have 2 chart entries, the one above with the CD number and then on 8-7-95 listed for one week at 85 with the 12" number.
It's still kind of odd how DD lost their way so badly after The Wedding Album's triumphant return.
The late 90s wasn't kind to many 80s act but Duran did go downhill fast for me post 1993. I guess John had wanted leave after Liberty and was pretty much on another planet, I don't think Simon was contributing much, so Duran really felt like it was a Nick and Warren side project, with Warren dominating. I did hear Simon say recently how he got annoyed with Warren at the end as he would come to the studio and Warren had done everything already so Simon kinda felt shut out.