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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 3, 2022.

  1. I was gonna say white lines, then thought...no, don't do it.
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  2. @simes1970, do not let me not vote in this! I'm loving the walk down memory lane their discography has given me, even though I was way too young when they were at their peak.

    What a band!
  3. Don't be lonely in your nightmare - get those votes in ASAP
  4. Was 'Girl panic' not a UK single?
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  5. Only as a Promo CD so it didn't count.
  6. Sent in my scores! This will be hugely unpredictable and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    The only song to give the 80s ones a run for their money is Ordinary World, but I'd love to see that one at least go top 5.
  7. Rate is now closed. I hope to start the reveal by Monday and as with my usual reveals it won't take too long
  8. Exciting! Although they have an amazing singles discography, I don't think there is an obvious clear favourite to win as its such a massive single that everybody knows and loves. It's not like A-ha with Take On Me or Spandau with True or Gold.

    Still can't believe Cub gave a song a zero. I know Electric Barbarella isn't great but still a bit harsh!
  9. I feel The Reflex is likely their most universally liked song, so potentially that might win? Hard to imagine anyone scoring that low.
  10. I think my lowest was a 3, a couple of 5s too.
  11. I gave The Reflex 10, although I almost didn't, so I hope another song wins. I think the 11's and 12's will be extra important.
  12. I'm predicting big things (........) for the dark horse that is Ordinary World.
  13. I mean Ordinary world is a classic but I feel a song from the original line up needs to win.
  14. I decided to tank the Reflex....by only giving it a 9.5, as it's a dancefloor filler but I'm a little sick of it. I couldn't bring myself to vote any lower, because it's still a damn good song that holds up better than most of its contemporaries.
  15. I awarded 15 10s, plus the 11 and 12 we are allowed.
  16. Please Please don't tell me now - your scores for any particular song as it spoils the fun of the reveal!

    "Thank you" (1995)
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  17. You Don't Want My Scores?
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  18. I'm hungry like the wolf for this to start.
  19. I'll be lighting my torch for the New Rate on Monday to begin!
  20. Reading back my marks I have been very unfair to two tracks, I think I was trying to differentiate them but just have been mean! One of the Duran forums has been doing ‘Heal or Hurt’ rankings for about a year on everything. The results are bizarre as people seem to be deliberately anti-voting against the popular. I would like to think we are more balanced but I’ll tell you there will be hell to pay if “Meet El Presidente” doesn’t win....

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