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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Any fans?
    Grew up watching this and recently revisited it. Some iconic characters such as Sable, Dominique and, of course, Alexis Carrington Colby!
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  2. Watched it religiously as a kid. Loved it even more than Dallas. Is was TV trash of the highest order. Best of all was spin off The Colbys that only lasted for 2 seasons.

    I have the first 3 seasons on DVD which I have never gotten round to watching. I really must do so soon.

    This scene is one of the greatest in TV history.......

    'I didn't invite you, I sent for you'


    Do you remember the time that Krystal gives birth on a riverbank with her tights still on or when Adam tries to kill Jeff by decorating his office with poisonous paint or Claudia's iconically awful hair.

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  3. Loved the trashiness! Not seen Krystal giving birth, will have to YouTube that delight. One of the most amazingly ridiculous storylines was Sammy Jo paying an actress to impersonate Krystal and live in the Carrington mansion!
    Dominique was awesome but she wasn't a patch on Sable-
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  4. This made my childhood and I still adore it. I also loved how bonkers The Colbys became in the end (UFOs, etc.). Kate O'Mara was fabulous too.

    The last shot of Alexis taking a drag in this is camp overload

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  5. I have the complete collection on DVD.

    The best seasons for me are the Pamela Sue Martin years and the last season with Sable.

    I like the others aswell but not as much. Dominique was so underused. Didn't like Claudia being killed of either.
  6. This- like anyone would be lying around wearing THAT and reading a magazine!
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  7. I've never even watched a full episode, but I've spent many an hour watching the iconic catfights on Youtube.
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  8. The Colbys was a weird one. I remember we were supposed to feel sympathy for Frankie, root for her, like her...but she was trying to steal Sable's husband. In many ways I think Frankie was the most evil character in Dynasty/The Colbys.
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  10. Indeed she came in with a bang and left on a whimper. Still at least she looked fabulous that entire time.

    She should never have been Blake's sister it pigeon holed her too much. His secret ex wife would have been far more fun.

    btw had Dynasty not been cancelled after Season 9 its rumoured that Diahann was in negotiations to return in Season 10. However Joan was going to leave permanently that season so Dominique and Sable would have been the lead females

    I also want to know who that mystery woman in the limo was.
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  11. Loved Dominique but her actual cat fight with Alexis was so lame.
  12. Watched this every week as a kid, but can't remember much about it other than the large amounts of eye candy.....

    Oh, actually I recall the silly "double" storyline and a couple of equally ludicrous plotlines towards the end.

    Pamela Sue Martin definitely awoke something in the very-young EG.
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  13. Dynasty was definitely a lot of fun to watch but in retrospect it's not a very good show but still entertaining.

    The first season is really interesting. It's so different from the rest of the seasons. Linda Evans is actually quite excellent before Krystle turned into a mannequin. Pamela Sue Martin was a great vixen and her rivalry with Krystle was very entertaining (that subplot of Fallon's affair with the limo driver was hot). And then the Steve/Claudia friendship/relationship is so touching and yet kind of bizarre - but it works. Thankfully they got rid of Matthew and Lindsay. Good grief, that child was annoying. Always crying about something. But the first season did need that jolt of excitement which Joan Collins would provide the next season and so forth.

    I agree that Dominique was underused. Diahann Carroll brought a lot of presence and she would have been a great foe for Blake and Alexis. But they watered down her character when they made her Blake's half-sister.

    And let's clear this for the record that the recast of Amanda (originally played by Catherine Oxenberg) was the worst recast of any show. EVER.
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  14. I have no memory at all of Catherine Oxenberg being replaced but I do remember what an atrocious actress she was. God knows how bad the new woman must have been to be worse???

    Came across this the other day. It's kinda amazing and remarkably well done for 35 years ago...........

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  15. It wasn't so much she was a bad actress but Amanda suddenly lost her British accent and had an American accent. The actress, Karen Cellini, I don't think ever worked again in Hollywood after Dynasty.
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  16. I kind of loved Amanda, purely because her accent and terrible acting added an extra level of camp.
    The plans for Season 10 were to have Sable stick around and Dominique to come back- though Alexis wasn't going to be in the picture. I still would have loved to have seen this.
  17. I liked Amanda, too. She and Dex were hot together. That actually was a great triangle - Alexis, Dex and Amanda - but they cut it short for the royalty storyline.
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  18. And look how that ended...
  19. Karen Cellini made Catherine Ox seem like an Oscar nominated actress.
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